Over the years, expressing myself through my pen – in the form of poetic eloquence – became a method of release and self-discovery for my overactive mind.

From the tender age of 7, I found myself contemplating the workings of the universe, life and our very existence; and from this, I accumulated a collection of poems which travel through the years of the innocence of childhood, leap over the more ambiguous years of being a teenager, and flow elegantly into the clearer and more spiritual start of adulthood.

These changes can be noticed through the drastic metamorphosis in tones, seen from the initial ‘sweet and innocent’ dreams, through the ‘darker and more questionable’ doubts, and into the high-spirited and hopeful realisations.

A journey of a young child’s growth, dreams, hopes, wishes and eventual realisations await you…

Into Adulthood – My more recent poetry


Through the Teenage Years – A few poems from the contemplative, teenage me.


From Childhood – Currently empty! Need to upload them soon.


Themed Improv Poems


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