La Luna

Moon Reflection

From behind the curtain of flowing clouds, a face illuminates my heavens, my dreams;
Each beam, a finger, extending down to my soul as my beacon of breath and freedom.
Purest light, washing through my core and deep within my being – set me free.


The silent melody, sweetest notes, carried upon your white radiation lifts my spirit;
You envelope me, I gently float, carried across the realm of dreams and light.
Celestial incandescence, hold me close in this lovers embrace – liberate my heart.


As you sing to me through your heavenly whispers, I dance upon the cosmic rivers;
Each step causing gentle ripples on the fabric of time, my reply to your silent flutter.
Gentle radiance, caressing me softly in this heavenly waltz – we become one.


Each twirl, arms extended, I lose myself to this mystical sway, your hypnosis;
With each breath, I exhale my very spirit to join you on this midnight promenade.
Exquisite luminescence, lightly kissing my every forgotten hope and pain – I am yours.


On this one night, we live for millennia, your everlasting hold on every corner of my mind;
Elevated, I glide, across the rays of your wondrous gleam, brushing them with my touch.
Sparkling effervescence, orbs sliding through my fingers – your mesmerising gift.


Slowly but softly, I am placed on my side, my soul still swaying to the echoes of our journey;
Your light slowly fades, leaving me at rest in this warmest of slumbers, this trance.
Waning midnight lantern, I shall see you again, I shall be here tomorrow – wait for me.




© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.
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