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9 thoughts on “My Quotes

    • Thank you very much, Litadoolan 🙂
      I’ve only just recently started blogging, so my work is a little sparse at the moment. I’ll be adding a lot more though.

      I see wonderful work on your page, and I look forward to many more great pieces to come!

      • Thanks Naziyah. I loved my visit to your blog today. It looks great. I’m excited to read more of your posts. I wish you bags of success with your site!

      • You’re such a sweetheart, thank you 🙂

        You are always welcome to this page, anytime, and I look forward to reading more on your page!

    • To be honest, I’ve seen plenty of cases (not that I’m a psychologist) where there ‘was’ actually communication, but lacked any sense of respect, trust or loyalty!
      Same can be applied no matter which way I turned that grid!

      I just personally feel that these four factors are required, together, in order to build any kind of healthy and happy relationships!
      We could add many other factors to the equation, but I think most, as you said, can already be covered by one of the categories or another 🙂

  1. ” Father see one bad habit and send me out of my possessions
    One hundred thousands bad things my Lord witness in me, the only One who spares”
    Make your aim high, but needs low. Hearts are broken, and only One can live in it; for He loves purity.

  2. “The beauty of a mother in her care- for her children- and my mother the most beautiful woman on the earth.” An eastern scholar
    A Hadith tells us that the Lord loves His creation, a human being, more than seventy times the love of a mother.
    We have parents to care for us but we do not thank, and understand that it is a gift from our Lord. He is our creator, and knows everything very well.
    Another Hadith whispered in the ear of a Muslim, if you are in difficulty and you found that there is no one with you. The Lord says that He lives in broken hearts. So, get up, find ways and rise again.
    This is what I was trying to say.

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