Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

(I don’t usually use old posts for my Daily Prompts, however, I guess this poem kind of sums up the one closest friendship I had with someone.
Written for the Daily Post: Daily Prompt – On Bees and Efs: Do you — or did you ever — have a Best Friend? Do you believe in the idea of one person whose friendship matters the most? Tell us a story about your BFF (or lack thereof).)

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Against the plagued hordes and demonic armies,
I stand strong, grounded;
A battlefield of blood, flesh and tears
Surrounded by their flaming rage,
But you are with me, you have my back.

That’s all I need.

I feel your back warm against mine,
Strong and impenetrable, each muscle tense;
The numbers mean nothing, nothing at all
Because when we unite, two sides of the same coin,
I am undefeated, untouchable and free.

Let us fly together.

I raise my sword, linking heaven’s lightning,
The eyes of my enemies drawing closer;
My battle cry rises like a phoenix flare from my core
The deafening beat of my heart as the battle drum,
Forward and onwards to victory, let us begin.

I am with you.

Before the first blood, my unscathed enemy,
Watch on as I stand paralysed, in shock;
A sword meant for good, my forsaken soul
I see the steel piercing through my chest,
You have betrayed me.


Lying eyes stare back at mine with no answer,
Once a wolf, the sheep flees from the scene;
I fall to my knees, my hands drenched in blood
The enemy advance to the lone standing warrior,
Broken by the only blade that could cut so deep.

Your cowardice becomes a reflection of your true form.

I smile in pain, hope and grief,
Flesh torn from my limbs, an unnoticed pain;
I could not be your salvation, yet your burdened sins
A restful sleep they receive in your depths,
A sea of denial, pride and falsehood.

We shall meet again on the appointed Day, the fated Hour.

The call of a Higher purpose echoes loudly, and divine,
An unfinished story with new chapters to write;
A lesson learned, a hope destroyed and new hope found
I will not become the mirror in which your vanity shines,
For I will see with eyes unblinded by guilt.

My chains are broken.


© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.


7 thoughts on “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

    • I’m sorry if it brought you down in any way. I’m usually known for my ‘sickening optimism’, but recent events have left me in a more ‘contemplative’ state!
      Unfortunately, these are inevitable parts of life, regardless of how large or small they are for each person.
      However, I refuse to lose hope of a better tomorrow, which is the reason why I hope to take inspiration from those very pains and disappointments 🙂

      Let’s try to better ourselves from our experiences, and never give up on our smiles. It can be our strongest weapon =)

      This life is a gift… I want to cherish it!

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