Internal Supernova

We need more truth in the world – be it hurtful or affectionate, a painful truth is better than a beautiful lie. In the long run, it is more beneficial for all involved.
Words can have a powerful impact on others, however, without any actions or foundation to make those words binding, words can also be heart breaking.


To hear empty words can be more soul-shattering than never having heard them.


We live in a world of false ‘I love you’s, false gratitude’s, false comraderies and false promises.


Many people live in a state of constant silent pain due to being surrounded by people who claim to love them, and yet feel more lonely than they would have without those people around.

Many people pretend that everything is ok, and utter words of affection they truly, deep down, do not believe – however, deep down, they also know that the person they are saying this to knows… The ears can hear something, the mind can register it, the heart can even hope it to be true… but the soul (from where spouts that raw, pure instinct) can taste the bitterness of those empty words.
Yet, false smiles mean deeper heart ache for longer.


To be told a bitter, painful truth can cause soul-shattering pain for a while… but to live a lie is to live a torturous death every day. You lose who you truly are, and live in a constant state of insecurity, loneliness and darkness.


If the truth means to hold on tight, then hold on like it means your life, and if it means to let go and set one another free, then do so, so that both sides have a chance to find a place that they can truly feel loved, wanted and at ‘home’.


Also, we need to stop kidding ourselves. We do not hold on in empty, false relationships (of whatever kind) to avoid ‘hurting the other(s)’ involved… it’s done because we become cowards. We are afraid of change, we are afraid of a life where you don’t have even a false place to feel ‘there’, we’re scared of not feeling wanted (even if it is to be false), we are afraid of not being able to find that home.
But the truth of the matter is… you never had one to begin with.


I ask you all, dig deep within yourselves – touch those parts of your soul that burn your essence so that you may discover the truth – and ask yourself if it is true.
If you can honestly say with your heart and soul that it is, then tell them. To those whom you love that you love them.
Due to fights, arguments, distance, silence and more, people can become afraid to utter words of love or affection in fear of getting hurt – it’s a defence mechanism… but love is not supposed to be a war, my dears. If your walls are going up, then allow that love to bring them down.
Before it gets to that point where lack of affection causes the loss of all feeling, tell them.

If your soul tells you, an echo from deep inside, that it is not true… then tell them.
This may sound hurtful, horrible, even cruel, but what’s even more cruel is for someone to live on in a deception of being loved when they are not.
Allow your souls to speak now, so that decades are not wasted in a limbo of heartache and pain.


I have always been some to promote love and unity, but by saying the above it does not mean I am doing the opposite. If anything, exposing a truth allows for people to break those chains that were often hidden away or avoided, and set themselves free.

Love is such an easy word to throw around nowadays… but just because it’s used often, doesn’t mean that it should lose its true meaning.


There is no love without respect, without trust, and without honesty.


If you truly love someone, then tell them, and allow it to show through your words, your tone, your actions and your convictions.


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9 thoughts on “Internal Supernova

  1. Wow, I just read your interview with IGN. That’s how I found your blog. Amazing stuff. 🙂
    I have a question for you. Do you accept biological evolution? The reason I ask is because I’m a recent convert to Islam and most of my Muslim friends refuse to accept biological evolution, and are suspicious of science in general. How do I explain to them that we are in fact all African apes and that there is no conflict with Islam?

    Thank you.

  2. I just Love someone for Allah; at least that’s what i read from kitab Ad-Dā’i wa Dawā or Al Jawābul kāfi liman sa’ala ‘an Dawā’i. its a kitab by ibn qoyyim al jawziyah, really good and top notch. Yeah…basically dont become to obsessed and love something that exceed your loves to Allah.

  3. Salam sister, we are looking to start women martial arts classes in our local mosque in Glasgow and require a female instructor. Please let us know if you are available to teach.

    • Assalamu alaikum, brother,
      JazakAllah Khyr for getting in touch, it’s very humbling that you contacted me in regards to the classes.
      Unfortunately I am not teaching full time for a while due to some health issues, but would be happy to give a few seminars or one-off classes if that option is available.
      Please feel free to contact me via email.

      Thank you.


  4. I like how you always talk about focusing on the positive and thanking lots of people for their positive comments, yet there are times where you ignore some people who also posted positive comments. Its a bit disrespectful, hypocritical and ungrateful, if you ask me. You should realize that ignoring people can be just as rude as insulting people. You ever think about how some of your followers feel when they try to be nice to you and you don’t even reply to them? Do you expect them to think you like their comments, even if you don’t reply to them or at least like their comments to show your appreciation for their kindness? Do you even think it’s fair to ignore those who are real friends and only pay attention to those who may be fake friends? I have a few friends who used to follow you on facebook like 2 years ago, but they quit following you because you barely ever replied back to them, no matter how nice they were to you. I’m sure you don’t care if they unfollow you, but imagine if you got in a major car accident and when you try to call someone to help you, noone comes to help you. It wouldn’t be funny would it? No, I don’t hate you as I still find you a wonderful person. I’m just saying it seems kind of rude to not reply to those who show compassion to you. Noone has called you out on this yet and felt like it’s about time someone tells you this. I know you are a busy person, but that does not mean you have to ignore people. I have a hectic schedule as well and yet I was able to text back my friends, when I get time. I’m sure there is a way you can manage your time and respond to people. The only people that deserve to be ignored are those who act like trolls or keep sending you spam. I remember you once posted a status on facebook where you apologized to those who have not received a response from you lately. You should do the same thing again when the time is right. Now I know you are probably going through some stressful times right now because of all the bad things going on in the world, but you still shouldn’t forget about those who stick by you, such as me. You never met me before, but I am telling you all of this as an inspiration. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be saying these things. I have an older sister and we are very close. Whenever I see her doing something that seems wrong or vice verse, we call each other out to stop and do the right thing. We also do the same thing to our friends, so they can make better choices. Whether you respond to this or not is fine with me, just as long as you read it. Being ignored by you on facebook may not be my problem since I don’t use facebook anymore, but I wouldn’t want to do something that could cause some problems between me and my followers either. I wish you the best.

    • Dear Samreen,

      Firstly, thank you for your comment. I understand that it comes more from a place of concern than hate.
      I appreciate this, I do.

      However, I’d like you to try to understand these few points too =)

      As you said, we all have hectic schedules, and as such I do try my best to get back to those who write to me. As you can see from the dates on my blog posts, I barely even get time to put up blog posts anymore, and as such find it difficult to reply to messages unless they are absolutely critical.
      As for the car accident analogy, unfortunately it is a bit of a redundant example.
      If someone were to message (and I saw the message considering I can’t access my page messages on my phone), and it was a critical message balancing life and death like a car accident, of course I would prioritise that above others. I have had to do this several times. This does not mean that I do not appreciate and try to reply to general messages, I do, but I too am human.
      You cannot make a comparison between a critical incident of survival and general messages.

      I thank you, and your friends, for previously having followed my page. Believe it or not (and I can understand how it can sound fake coming from a stranger) but it does mean a lot to me! However, if you were to compare my page to many others, you’d see that I try to reply to as many comments as possible on my posts.
      Some posts have a reply to almost every single comment.
      My page is a place for general discussion of many topics – martial arts, science, gaming, education etc – so quite often what I’ve found is that rather than always it just being me replying to each message, people interact with one another too.
      I may not consider it much on my part, but one thing that I am proud of is that fact that so many wonderful people have been able to befriend one another on that humble little page, as well as me having the honour to speak to them all too.

      I shouldn’t have to sit here and justify myself to anyone, as that truly is between me and Allah (swt), but my inbox is often very full (and broken, so I can’t always access all the messages), yet I endear to reply to as many as I can =)
      So using words such a ‘hypocrite’ is your personal choice, but please keep in mind that they come with the weight of responsibility of use.

      Yes, we all have busy schedules and I’m not here to compare mine to others, but if you were to sit for a moment and realise that maybe, just maybe, this person might have dire priorities (which I sometimes implicitly mention) that keeps me from replying to ‘every single’ message –priorities that actually involve life or death for those I am a carer for, and that trumps priorities like work and more any day – then you’d hopefully realise that, as a human, it is physically impossible for me to do all of those things and then reply to hundreds of messages too.
      Yet, I do try.

      I reply to messages, but cannot keep up when I get several replies to mine. Though, again, I do try.

      Also, when I write or comment on someone else’s blog or page, I don’t often do it with the expectation of a reply (especially if I’m there to appreciate them) because I understand that they might not be able to get back to everyone. However, if I do get one, I appreciate it.
      I truly do appreciate each and every comment and message, and even if I can’t reply to each one I do at least try to read them all.

      I physically, as a human, cannot do more than this. Not because I find some people less important than others, but because the limitations of time and resource are upon us all.

      As for me writing a status about being busy – I’ve done so a few times in the past, however, more commonly, I often find myself writing this in comments too. Almost every reply to this from those kind and compassionate people though is always that they understand and that I shouldn’t even have to say that – yet I do.

      In every message I send I apologise if there is a delay too.

      To expect me to do any more is not only unrealistic, but comes down to a form of emotional blackmail.

      I gave up being sorry for everything that is out with my control – because Allah knows my efforts. However, if your friends have every thought that I am ignoring them, then I hope that they can rest easy knowing that I didn’t ignore them, and that it truly has meant a lot to me.

      If that still makes me an ungrateful person… then I guess I must be! However, I will say this… If I were to ever write to someone on their page and not get a reply, but see that on their page that they have endeavoured to reply to as many people as they can, I wouldn’t personally hold anything against them.
      They are not there to entertain me, nor I them, but if I was able to give them any form of positivity, or receive any from their page, then that’s all that counts. A good deed isn’t done for the sake of receiving an award from people, but for the blessing we gain from God for having done it.

      I pray that you and your friends are well.
      Peace and blessings,

      • Hello Naziyah, Its been a while. I know this is not really necessary, but I just want to say I am sorry for being somewhat harsh towards you and felt like I should have known better than to say such rude things. I’m glad to see that you understood my complaint was more about concern than hate, but it still bothered me since I was being a bit rude.. I saw your post on facebook last month where you told everyone about the complaint I gave you and it made me feel bad for what I done. Some people were calling me a baddie when I’m really not. I just thought I was doing the right thing by standing up for those who feel like their being neglected by you, but it appears that they always stood by you, no matter what. Not saying its a bad thing because I’m actually glad most of your followers still appreciate you for who you are. While I don’t have to justify myself either, I will explain my reasons for responding late: I am busy like always and felt remorse for my actions that I decided to not do anything else that would cause problems. Even if you have gotten over my complaint, it never hurts to apologize anyway. Its great to see that you knew what your priorities are, since I have some similar priorities too. After looking through your page without being logged on facebook since my account is still deactivated, I just can’t believe that I would do such a thing to you. As for my friends, they are grateful about the fact that you never really ignored them and they also pray that you are well. However, one of them wished that you were a martial arts athlete right now, but we can’t expect everyone to be what we want them to be lol. Also, I’m grateful about the fact that you are not like some other facebook users or even youtubers who would throw a fit at their fans, for the weirdest reasons.

        I used to be a fan of this one guy on youtube who was thought to be a really nice person who would upload videos of him and his dogs doing all kinds of things, such as meeting other dogs and strangers in the city. However, it turns out that this guy is actually a racist, sexist, scamming, lying and dangerous person who was convicted of a hit and run, made his dogs look like service dogs when they are not and making up sad stories so people would feel sorry for him and donate him money on donation websites, since he doesn’t have a job due to being lazy and workers complaining about him having anger issues even though he claims to have PTSD. There is speculations that he might have actually killed some of his dogs just to get people to pity him and offer him money, which would make sense considering his criminal record, how his friends/family hate him and has said alot of bad things about animals. He was homeless one time because he did not have enough money and time to pay for his tax, bills, etc. When people gave him money, he did not use that money to help his dogs when they felt sick or to find a new home. Instead, he used their money to buy a motorcycle and drugs. People even said that he called his fans gullible when they donated him money and how he cares more about money than his fans. He is also known for making foul mouthed videos where he lashes out at his fans and sometimes other youtubers, just because they are not watching his videos enough since he makes money off of youtube, depending on how many views he gets, or when trolls start to thumb down his videos and leave negative comments, which is very odd of him because he also leaves nasty, racist and rude comments too. He loves to bully smaller youtube channels just for speaking out about him, whether they are trolls or people stating facts and truths about him. There was also a time where he acted like some kind of freedom of speech type of person, even though he contradicts that at times by disabling comments and ratings on his videos, because of too much hate. He pretends to be certain things as if he is an actor when he is not. He even wanted to sell his dogs to drug dealers to make feel people sorry for him. Every time something bad happens to him, he would blame his fans and family, not himself. He is a grown man who should learn to take responsibilities for his own actions without placing blame on others with reasons that are not true. Recently, he robbed the bank last year because noone was donating him money and as a result, got arrested for that. He is still in jail right now where he belongs in. I am so glad to have never been a victim of this man. It would really upset me if someone like him tried to insult you in the most horrible way possible. Many of his fans still think he is a good guy, when he really is not after all of the evidence found on the internet that prove he is just a lowlife loser. He loves to act like he is the baddest man in the world, he is racist towards anyone not the same race as him, enjoys talking crap about all religions including ours, downgrades women alot and is just a plain old jerk who has this attitude called the whole world owes me a favor. Whats even worse is that he loves to make up different stories to different people about how he got his dogs. Whenever the truth about him is revealed, he starts to pretend like he is the victim. If I ever saw this guy on the streets I would quickly run away from him because you don’t know what he can do to you or anyone else nearby.

        I now realize that it is people like him who deserve real hate and harsh criticism for of all the bad things they done and not a peaceful loving person like you who is the opposite of that man. Thank you for being nothing like him. In case your curious of who this man is, his youtube channel is brettvett1. There is also a facebook page called the real brettvett1 that has lots of information about who he really is. I never talked to the person who created that page, but he/she seems like a nice person too. Anyways, I heard that you have a speech conference thing at the Glasgow University this Thursday and I would like to wish you luck. Whether you forgive me or not, it’s okay. You have my peace and blessings, anyway.

        As salamu aleiykum and Jazakallah, sister!

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