Whispers of the Sunrise


Deepest slumbers, gently nudged, by the softest voices of my travelling conscience;
“Awaken, my sweet, come to prayer, come to salvation”
The words rolling through the skies, over the hills of atonement.

Fading moon, rising sun, light kisses on their mutual passage through time;
“Cleanse your soul, illuminate your being, I am waiting”
A gap in the dawn, veiled by the radiance of His Majesty and Grace.

Silent struggle, standing tall, ascending towards self purification;
“Spiritual cleansing, physical ablution, absolved from worldly bounds”
An incandescent aura, emanating from every limb and every motion.

Open soul, intimate words, a liberation through prostration;
“Free yourself, share your tears, I am here”
An elevated state, reached through the humbling gestures of adoration.

Rising up, heart content, facing the day with a reinforced hope;
“I am with you, I have always been with you, and always will be”
Sweet whispers of the sunrise that ready me for my lifelong journey.

“…I am here”

© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014
(Image taken from road2jannah.com)


(It’s a bit late, but this is written as part of the Daily Post: Daily Prompt – New Dawn: How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).)


Elegantly Dangerous?!

(Written as part of The Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Why, thank you?: What’s the best (or rather, worst) backhanded compliment you’ve ever received? If you can’t think of any — when’s the last time someone paid you a compliment you didn’t actually deserve?)

Naziyah sword 3

(Photograph of Naziyah Mahmood by Fiona Brims)

pic 3

(Photograph of Naziyah Mahmood by Fiona Brims)

Naziyah sword 2

(Photograph of Naziyah Mahmood by Linda MacPherson)

Naziyah sword 1

(Photograph of Naziyah Mahmood by Linda MacPherson)

Recently, I was invited by two photographers to have a photo-shoot with my martial arts weapons, which was lots of fun as the two of them are such wonderful ladies!
I’ve modelled before in the past, however it was usually to help out friends or at the request of photographers, but I honestly don’t see why anyone would want my face as a subject!

Nevertheless, these phenomenal ladies were able to transform me from my usual alien-like self, into a somewhat presentable human being – a rare feat.

Knowing my love for martial arts, and especially my swords, we combined my several cultural backgrounds with that of my martial arts passion to produce the above photographs (amongst many).
I received, to my own surprise, many lovely and sweet compliments from my friends on social media, however one that stuck out was about looking “elegant, yet also dangerous”, which apparently (according to my friends) summed me up.
Clearly they haven’t seen my clumsy ways! Thank goodness!
Although I feel I don’t deserve any of their lovely compliments, my heart melted from the warmth of their affections.

Recently I had just been feeling a little down about myself, but these wonderful ladies managed to cheer me up, for which I could never be thankful enough.

(Props used were my own- antique lotus Katana and Steel Chinese fighting fan)

Celestial Sails


Magical gate, before my eyes, of golden beams appears,
Lighting the path to my next destination, a distance covering years.

I stumble forward into a mystic haze, where time and space collapse,
A realm of intangible nothingness, with no compass and no maps.

Up is down, and left is right, yet directions don’t exist,
All around, homogeneous substance, a moving purple mist.

Should I walk, fly or swim, and which way should I go?
A familiar taste consoles my senses, telling me that I know.

With strength of mind I conjure forth a majestic vessel, my ship,
And take my place at its bow, for this cosmic travelling trip.

I steer my way through unseen perils, observing from the helm,
The awe-inspiring wonderment of this secret spiritual realm.

I float, I glide, I dance along a stream of iridescent rain,
A shimmering-prismatic pathway in this kaleidoscopic plane.

An eternity later, of shortest moments, the anchor is then thrown,
I disembark from my flying carpet, to explore my ethereal home.

Gracefully I make my way through a maze of dark branched grass,
Then run my hand over a motionless sand dune that I’m about to pass.

Then I reach a twin oasis, long palms upon their centres,
And ready myself for the soft rimmed cave that I’m about to enter.

Back, I look, at the soft terrain that has led me to this place,
And realise with a gasp of breath that it was my own face.

Down I fall into a dark abyss, with mountains of teeth that gleam,
And soon awaken with a shocking jolt from my journey to the land of dreams.

 © Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.
(Image taken from hqwallbase.com)

(Also shared on http://poetreecreations.org/2014/08/28/celestial-sails-promote-yourself/ )

(Written as pasrt of the Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Tunnel Vision: You’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel?)



Whirling breath inside,
Flowing stream of cosmic air,
Rise – Join creation.

Pathway of the soul,
Carved by the breeze of my heart,
Dance – Lead me away.

Cloud of mental thought,
Floating on galactic rings,
Disperse – Become free.

Particles of me,
Universally entwined,
Rest – You are now home.


© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.
(Image taken from hellgame23.deviantart.com)

Another Small Step Forward?

Great British Write Off

Although rather surprised, I am happy to announce that one of my short stories has been chosen to be published in ‘The Great British Write Off – Immersed in Words’ book!!

The competition, The Great British Write Off, was held a little while ago and thousands of great authors, writers and poets from across the UK took part.
Basically, you submit a mini saga, short story or poem with a max word limit of 250 words.
Initially, I wasn’t going to enter (as I saw that many pro-authors were taking part, and I’m just an amateur) but just submitted an old piece I’d written which had literally taken me 10 minutes to write.

I recently returned from travelling, and was feeling really low about myself, but when I opened the letter on my bed I felt a little better!

My story, Olympus is Falling, will appear in the book, along with pieces by other writers, and will be published on 31st of October!
Kicking myself that I didn’t sit and write something better (the piece is one of my more childish ones), but I am happy that it was chosen.
What a fluke… heehee 🙂

“Olympus is Falling”  can be found here.


La Luna

Moon Reflection

From behind the curtain of flowing clouds, a face illuminates my heavens, my dreams;
Each beam, a finger, extending down to my soul as my beacon of breath and freedom.
Purest light, washing through my core and deep within my being – set me free.


The silent melody, sweetest notes, carried upon your white radiation lifts my spirit;
You envelope me, I gently float, carried across the realm of dreams and light.
Celestial incandescence, hold me close in this lovers embrace – liberate my heart.


As you sing to me through your heavenly whispers, I dance upon the cosmic rivers;
Each step causing gentle ripples on the fabric of time, my reply to your silent flutter.
Gentle radiance, caressing me softly in this heavenly waltz – we become one.


Each twirl, arms extended, I lose myself to this mystical sway, your hypnosis;
With each breath, I exhale my very spirit to join you on this midnight promenade.
Exquisite luminescence, lightly kissing my every forgotten hope and pain – I am yours.


On this one night, we live for millennia, your everlasting hold on every corner of my mind;
Elevated, I glide, across the rays of your wondrous gleam, brushing them with my touch.
Sparkling effervescence, orbs sliding through my fingers – your mesmerising gift.


Slowly but softly, I am placed on my side, my soul still swaying to the echoes of our journey;
Your light slowly fades, leaving me at rest in this warmest of slumbers, this trance.
Waning midnight lantern, I shall see you again, I shall be here tomorrow – wait for me.




© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.
(Image taken from scenicreflections.com)
(Also shared on http://poetreecreations.org/2014/08/14/la-luna-promote-yourself/ )