Photography Portfolio

A few links to some photoshoots with some example photos.

Spirit of Autumn
A Canvas of Autumnal Colours. Photography by Linda Macpherson.

Naz Autumn

Outdoor Training Day (Casual)
An outdoor casual training day shoot with John Jamieson and Toby Palmer.
Most of the images are SOOC.


Fun on the Bridge
Some sneaky shots from a shoot with the amazing Fiona Brims, Linda MacPherson and Alan Jones! It was a quick shoot on the bridge, and the amount of laughter and banter is always amazing!

Fiona 5.jpg

Glasgow Street Photography 5
I had the pleasure of being asked for an ‘on the spot’ photograph in Glasgow City Center by the very talented street photographer, Leanne Boulton, as I was walking along! Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit ill that day and as such I felt like I may have let her down, yet her wonderful photography skills still made me look more alive than I felt! Haha!
Thank you, Leanne!! You’re a star!

Naziyah_Street 3

Glasgow Street Photography 4
Fourth random spontaneous street shoot with C. Hamilton!


Glasgow City Chambers Shoot
Some photos from a last minute photoshoot with the very talented John Jamieson! Once again, he managed to make me look less like a zombie! Thank you!
Some images SOOC.

Naziyah city chambers.jpg

Glasgow Street Photography 3
Some photos from the spontaneous/on-the-spot shoot. Somehow, I always manage to bump into this Glasgow Street photographer. I think this was our third “out of the blue” shoot!! Excuse my tired panda face! He likes to utilize natural light ^-^
Photos by C. Hamilton!
Some images SOOC.


Arabian Empress/Biker Shoot
I had a great time at the shoot with Photographers John Jamieson and Frank Gavrock!! Taken at Steel Studios.
I look forward to collaborating with them all again =)

Make-up by myself, weapons my own.
Many images SOOC

reflection 2

Mixed Cultures Shoot
Had a great time swinging the sword and weapons around during my shoot with the extremely talented Linda MacPherson and Fiona Brims! Can’t wait to work with these wonderful ladies again!

Make-up by myself, weapons and props my own too.
Photography by Linda MacPherson and Fiona Brims.

Naziyah sword

Sword and Uniform Shoot
I don’t usually like being filmed or photographed during training, but Sensei has been asking me, for years, to get some snaps so that when I look back at them in 30 years, I can say “I did that!”
Photography by C. Hamilton


Glasgow Street Photography 2
Once again, I bumped into the wonderful Glasgow Street Photographer, C. Hamilton, and we had an on-the-spot shoot!! These random ones are always fun!


Glasgow Street Photography 1
My first time shooting with C. Hamiltion. We randomly met on the streets of Glasgow, and as he is a Glasgow Street Photographer, he asked me if he could take a few snaps! It was random, but fun!
Photography by C. Hamilton.



Desert Warrior Shoot
A fun shoot with the very skilled Kevin Clancy! Funniest moment during the shoot?
Kevin: How many weapons did you bring?
Me: Only 18. I didn’t want to bring too many 🙂
Kevin: ONLY!?!?

Photography by Kevin Clancy.
Make up by myself, weapons and props my own too.

Naziyah dragon sword 1


(All images are copyright  ©Naziyah Mahmood and to the relevant photographers.)