My Thoughts

Internal Supernova

“… we need to stop kidding ourselves. We do not hold on in empty, false relationships (of whatever kind) to avoid ‘hurting the other(s)’ involved… it’s done because we become cowards. We are afraid of change, we are afraid of a life where you don’t have even a false place to feel ‘there’, we’re scared of not feeling wanted (even if it is to be false), we are afraid of not being able to find that home.
But the truth of the matter is… you never had one to begin with.”

Soul Strings

Universal Matters

The Search for Beauty – Contemplation of a Child

“Child – What is beauty?
Me – Beauty is, in essence, a reflection of the radiation of the light of your soul. It is the strength to conjure within ourselves the courage to stand by what is just and true, including our true selves.
It is a reflection of you.”


I Am Me

“Most of all… to the media that seems to have created a new stereotype of what ‘modern’ Muslim women should be like – the ones who should jump to apologize for every act of terrorism or crime that has nothing to do with them, the ones who need to prove themselves in their community as an adequate British civilian by trying harder than the rest, and the ones who have to drape their national colours over their heads – I do NOT need your permission or approval to live.”


A hand written letter is, in a sense, a form of poetic expression shared between two people. It is an untold story waiting to be read, and the painfully anticipated answers to our mutually shared hopes.


Free yourself

Strength in times of weakness

Rising from the anguish

Music Sheet

Fate and Destiny

Motivation with Empathy


We are like bottles; filled to the rim with stirring emotions that eventually need to be released in order to keep that bottle standing. Allow them to empty it, allow them to cry, before we decide to put an unintentional motivational stopper on that bottle.

Just Around the Corner


When our hopes are trampled on, and our ‘safety blanket’ – our false sense of security – turns out to be a fake veil made from threads of betrayal, the simplest of things can begin to feel impossible. We doubt our self-worth, feel inadequate and can easily find ourselves falling into despair. However, a world out-with our own painfully perceived bubble does exist; an alien land that we’re afraid to wander into in fear of change.
I may hope for the impossible, but with God, everything is possible.
Keep hoping, keep dreaming and keep trying – you never know what’s waiting just around the corner…

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The Strongest Weapon

As a martial artist and weapons wielder, I have always strongly believed that a smile can be your strongest weapon.

  • In times of pain, it silently informs your enemies that you will not break, and that you will persevere.
  • It makes you feel a little better; when you know you have no strength to even move, yet you are strong enough to wear an expression which may seem so small, yet holds such power.
  • It encourages you to stay strong.
  • It also makes others happy, as a smile has a domino effect.
    When someone sees you smiling, the automatic reaction for them is to smile too, and when someone else sees their smile, then they smile, and so on!
  • It acts as a form of charity (as stated in the beautiful Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w) by giving others a gift that could help make their day a little bit better.
  • No matter how dishevelled we may look, a smile looks beautiful on everyone – yes, even you, whether you believe it or not!
  • Scientifically, it is shown that smiling releases endorphins (the happy neurotransmitters!), which in turn makes us feel more positive and cheerful!

In life, we all face painful moments and hurtful situations where it feels as though it’s impossible to smile.
It’s an unfortunate part of life, but an inevitable one.
When we allow others to take our smile away, we actually give them a piece of our soul that existed to keep us positive. The pain of people leaving us is heart-wrenching enough, but what can hurt more, as time goes on, is realising that we forget how to smile from the inside too.

“I miss your smile, but I miss mine even more.”

Polish that smile, and never let anyone or anything take it away from you. It’s easier said than done, but when others take everything we own and have, leaving us vulnerable and naked, the only thing we have left to wear is that gleaming, glowing grin =)


13 thoughts on “My Thoughts

  1. Yeah.. I have many people whose sole purpose is to see me sad.. I try to pretend like I am happy but their emotional attacks are so hard to keep me smile. But anyways I will win..

    • I’m sorry to hear that there are people who try to bring you down, however, keeping that fighting attitude is itself a sign of inner strength.
      Unfortunately, there are people in this world who enjoy seeing others in pain (something I could never understand), but then I like to think of the many blessings that Allah blessed me with 🙂

      As corny as it sounds, it brings tears to my eyes!
      God blessed me with a loving family, more than enough luxuries than any person could ever need to survive. He gave me breath, He gave me opportunities, but most of all… He gave me faith in Him – the one thing that has given me the strength to get through the toughest of my battles 🙂

      I can see that you too have your painful battles, Waqar, but considering that you are still hanging in there with a strength that is even displayed in your words…well… I can see that you’re already winning 🙂

      Don’t give those people the joy of letting them steal your smile, especially when we all have so much to smile for!
      Keep that smile sparkling, and show them (and, more importantly, yourself) that you are a fighter and will never give in!

      Life can be a battle, but since we have no choice but to take part, we may as well charge in head first with our smiles as our swords!

      • Yeah.. Naziya.. they have done their best.. Actually you know they are hitting my self-ego.. They want me to think low.. to think like an ordinary man. They feel I am competing with them.. I am just an ordinary man but they think and act like I am their rival .. I think they are in inferiority complex… they have money. they have power .. but I feel they think I have something else that they don’t have..
        It all happens in my office life.. I have a boss who just sucks.. 😦

      • Let them think what they want, because at the end of the day we can’t change someone else’s way of thinking.
        However, that doesn’t mean you should become that which they ‘want’ you to be!

        Just be you, and that is the best defense.
        Usually, it’s psychological warfare that can be the hardest to combat because they hit you in ways that no one else can see.
        I used to care a lot about what others thought of me, and would try my hardest to please them all. Then I realised… you can never please them all, because even if you did everything right, there are just some people who refuse to be happy for others.
        So when I stopped caring about what they thought of me, and just tried to be the best me I could be, I was at my happiest.

        You can’t stop their negativity, but you can definitely let your positivity outshine them all.
        Block them out 🙂

        (Sorry if I sound like a soldier! My dad was a strict army man and I’ve been brought up in martial arts and strategy!)

      • You have got it right.. thats the problem. I do everything right but still they …. anyways …. lets leave it.. Oh My, You are Martial arts.. wow.. Strange that a person who has a warrior body has a very sensible heart too… hmmm 🙂

      • Unfortunately, as much as I wish that I could click my fingers and rid the world of such negativity, people like that will always exist. However, that’s all the more reason for us to try harder 🙂
        The world needs balance!

        Rather than crying over what we don’t have, we appreciate what we are blessed with and make the most of it!
        We’re luckier than millions of people out there. If you have a computer (let alone phones, tvs, gadgets etc) we are amongst the minority of richest in the World.
        Let’s make the most of it by using it for good =)

        As for martial arts, it’s my passion in life!
        There is a post somewhere I wrote “Sword of my soul” which kind of elaborates on my passion for the arts!!

        Martial arts taught me balance (as did Islam, first and foremost!) Know how to be disciplined and strong, but balance it with gentleness and calmness of heart!

    • Perhaps you are attacked from the dark side, that boils inside humans…the evilness that exists in us all, for some it erupts for others it subdues. Your challenge is how to manifest the negative energy that comes your way.

  2. I love the idea of emptying the emotions before a lid is put on anything – safe strategy! I hadn’t figured out that you were a martial artist. Wow! What a skill. You provide inspiring insight about the power of a smile as being a great resource in conflict. What a beautiful concept.

    • All too often, we can find ourselves erupting (be it in anger or pain, and be it aloud or in silence) because we may not have had any emotional outlet or ‘cleansing’.
      It’s nice to sometimes just sit with a good friend, and open up a bit about yourself!
      Although I may ramble on a lot, I am actually quite a closed up person; however, I think, slowly, I’m trying to open up more to loved ones too 🙂

      Thank you for your wonderful comment!
      Martial arts is my passion in life, and is one of the factors that helped me to cope with my partial blindness – it builds an excellent sense of awareness of your surroundings!

      Thanks again for taking the time out to read my ramblings!

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