Hiding in Wait

palboy 2

I am your child, from a burning land, drenched in the blood of oppression; Apartheid,
Mother, do you not hear me cry? Father, have you forgotten? Our silent promise.
I am your sibling, in this city of tears, drowning in torment so real; Massacres,
Sister, can you not see me? Brother, are you coming for me? I am still hiding in wait.

We were bound in a kinship before the birth of our ancestors – Humanity.

I was born in battle, blood as my milk, learning to dive before I could crawl; Survival,
A land far from you, surreal it may seem in the safety of your home, but I am real and I am flesh.
My screams are covered by worldly melodies, but it is used as their music; My oppressors,
I lie in wait, can’t you find me? A game of ‘hide and go seek’ leaving me aching.

I hide from the terrors, but the world hides me from its view – Apathy.

I was once told a story, of nations so great, their lands built on justice and law; Our dream,
We pray for stability for the generations to come, and yet I know I shall never see it.
I pray for a hero to rescue my people, as we are reaching a limit, a deadline; Extinction,
For if tomorrow will be just a clone of today, may my soul just depart now to the Lord?

Please hear my plea before it is too late – Annihilation.

I cannot see your colour, your faith or your name, but I ask of this favour; My wish,
Tonight, see my face in your mirrored reflection and I shall visit you in your dreams, my dear.
In the rubble of my former home, I am hiding beneath the blackened stones, my friend; Frozen.
I lie in wait, I shall hold strong in hope of your arrival, my freedom and my soul.

I am real… I wait for you… I am real.



© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.
(Image taken from Globaltimes.cn – Edited by Naziyah Mahmood)


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