Time and Tide Wait for No Man


Ephemeral moments, embraced by mahogany frames,
Surround me in an envelope of distant memories, mocking.
Each image contorting, like the dusk marrying into the dawn,
From the once blissful sounds of laughter, into the dark realms of reminiscence.

Fingers extended, I reach out to capture the once lost shards of my broken being,
To no avail, they speed away and disappear into that great unknown, a blackened mist.
The sole resident of this forgotten void, I remain standing alert upon a single tile,
My uneven balance weighing the scales of my imperceptible future.

How long have I waited, I do not know, but my painful ankles can attest,
Mountains have crumbled, flesh turned to grass, as I watched on unable to change.
A mortal soul, living a pretence of immortality, I see that I have been forgotten,
In this ever changing life – time and tide wait for no man.

A prisoner to my own shackles, I fear the unseen but fear more the stillness of absence,
The nothingness around me, my sanctuary, how long can we co-exist?
My hands begin to fade, as I watch the darkness through my once opaque skin,
My inability to move has turned me into the daily feed of this fatal abyss.

Unsure, I extend my leg off the edge of my step, breath catching,
For if I am to disappear from this obscure existence, then it shall be with a dream.
The first touch, my final endeavour, sets off the ripples in my sea of fate,
Intertwining with foreign ringlets, their superposition creating countless possibilities.

I fall. I drown. I rise. I stand once again, on a land where shadows escape,
Out of the mahogany frame surrounding my world. I finally have my moment.
My wrinkled hands stare back at my face, time has not been favourable,
I wish I hadn’t just wished, but had done.

© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.

(Image found through an internet search, but with no known source)
(Also shared on http://poetreecreations.org/2014/06/09/time-and-tide-wait-for-no-man-promote-yourself/ )


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