Themed Improv (poetry)

From the most skilled of writers, to the amateur holding his pen for the first time, it is easy for anyone to lose a sense of motivation when it comes to writing.

A fellow blogger, good friend and my sweet ‘Jellybean’ – The Dreaming  – decided to start a twice-weekly Themed Improv in order to get those creative juices flowing!

We chose a theme for one other (possibly something out of the other’s comfort zone!) and then write anything based on that theme.
Whether it is a two lined piece of prose, a short story, poem or even a quote; expressing ourselves by whatever means feels right is the motive!
Usually, these types of ‘challenges’ aren’t kept up for very long, and for this reason we have agreed that there is no length restriction or style, and it will be kept casual!
Whether it takes two minutes or two days to create is not of importance, as long as we keep that ink flowing!

(For anyone who would like to join in, please do not hesitate to say so!)





  • Theme 1

My first theme received from The Dreaming is Orchids.

Fajr, the Islamic morning prayer, takes place in the very early hours of the night in Scotland during summer (1.33am!) As such, I found myself in deep thought in those few moments before I took my place at my prayer mat, and thought about what I knew of these beautiful flowers.
I recalled that once, as a child, I had seen a bouquet being given to a grieving family during a funeral, and the silent smile that spread across the lady’s mouth as she stared into the depths of the white aromatic arrangement was one of acceptance and relief.
Is this why, I wondered, the white orchid was known as a ‘sympathy’ flower? I hadn’t known of this before, yet from the expressions given by those receiving the bitter-sweet gift, the quiet meaning behind those elegant petals was clear – even to an eleven year old child.

I then also remembered that I have once heard of these flowers being related to ‘angels’ in many stories, and have also seen images of the angel orchid, also known as Habenaria Grandifloriformis.

The two memories connected instantly, and a method to their amalgamation – in the form of the following poem – sprung to mind.



From a single point you grow so bright,
my sweetest angel.
You spread your wings and soon take flight,
my sweetest angel.

A beauty to rival the rose in bloom,
my dearest angel.
With Heaven’s scent upon your plume,
my dearest angel.

You cast a coolness upon my eyes,
my brightest angel.
Give birth to hope that never dies,
my brightest angel.

Engulf this soul in the warmth of your wings,
my beloved angel.
Ease the path to what eternity brings,
my beloved angel.

Guide me with scent to the eternal gate,
my forever angel.
A gift of love to close my fate,
my forever angel.

(Image taken from



  • Theme 5 – Lavender


(Image taken from

Carry Me Home

Rolling fields of a purple haze meet the crimson sky above,
Kissing the Sun’s farewell decent, small gestures filled with love.
Reach out your palm like a magic carpet and seat me upon your throne,
Rolling fields of such tranquil dreams, my dearest carry me home.

The scented breeze plays through your strands, leading me across your face,
Caressing my skin, my senses and mind, with your enchanted purple lace.
Guide me through your linear maze in this journey that is mine alone,
Sweet scented breeze, my silent compass, my dearest carry me home.

A forgotten memory resurfaces, strong, as a sketch on your horizon,
Diverting me from the path of my calling, an allure, the sweetest poison.
Hold fast my heart and lead me to the place where I shall atone,
Forgotten memories, a sea of sins, my dearest carry me home.

An endless journey from ground to gate, each step the same as before,
I run, full speed, to My Almighty Lord who is waiting at His door.
Lavender fields in His gracious gardens, where mercy and love are grown,
The end to my journey, eternal peace, my dearest carry me home.


12 thoughts on “Themed Improv (poetry)

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  2. What I like about it is that it gives me the impression that the narrator is the soul of someone going to Heaven. It sounds sweet. But then the third paragraph could also relate to someone who’s on the losing side, the person who outlived the other.

    It’s going to be a solemn song, because it captures the acceptance and hope that comes after loss.

    • That was the intention!
      At first it seems as though it’s a description of the flower alone, but then it can soon become apparent that it’s being written from the point of view of the person who is departing (either to a better place, or someone who is unsure and hopes for the wishes of their loved ones to get them there!)

      It’s bittersweet.
      Not great as it was a 5 minute piece, but I’m glad it’s simplicity gets its deeper meaning across 🙂

      • I went ahead and turned it into a song.

        I’m conservative, using only voice and drum, so don’t go expecting big honky orchestrations.


      • Wow!!! That was phenomenal! Thank you so much, I’m honoured that you would chose my poem for your song =)

        Would it be ok with you if I shared this on? If so, I’d like to know who to credit it to =)

      • Sure. I was waiting to hear back before I made it available for download. Give me a minute . . .

        It’s a totally unproduced demo, so I think there’s potential for it to be a bigger and bolder, insha Allah. In time I’ll bring in some collaborators. We’ll keep you posted.

        sansfife is sufficient for credit, but it’s really your song.


      • They might be my words, but the wonderful vocals and instrumental work are all your hard work =)

        JazakAllah Khyr, this was a wonderful surprise ^-^

  3. Moving. expressive and touching….the hallmarks of excellent poetry when it is not just about sharing an experience but also sharing emotions…and you have managed to beautifully capture that essence 🙂

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