Emptiness – Second poem is up in the Teenage years section!

“Yet in that bright light, burning so well,

a flaw, true to existence, a small hole.

Far back, deeper than the onlooker’s gaze,

unbalances the wings of my soul.”


An excerpt from my most recently uploaded poem, Emptiness, which was also written during my teenage years, and as such puts emphasis on the gradual metamorphosis of the gleeful mind of a child into the deeper insights as we grow.

That stage in our life when we still hold strong to the purity of childhood dreams, but slowly begin to notice that painful niggle at the back of our minds, only seems to last a short while. We find ourselves sliding away from the safety of our story-book beliefs, and moving towards an unknown territory that could potentially change, improve (or damage) the trust we had acquired of the existence of a purely beautiful word.

Emptiness can be found in the Poetry section, under the “Through the teenage years” tab.
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First poem is up (one from the teenage years) – Escape

As explained in the description which can be found on the Poetry page, I will be slowly uploading my poems that have accumulated over the years; skipping through the innocence of childhood, stalking through the teenage years, and rising into the realisations and maturity found in adulthood.

Unfortunately, the poems will not be uploaded in order, but they will be sorted into their relevant groupings!

Escape – a teenager’s outlook on the mechanics of the World, and the characteristics which can be seen throughout history, and most likely, into the future.
This poem still slightly leans off the rim of childishness, however, the more questionable and contemplative mannerisms begin to arise.

This poem can be found in Poetry, under the ‘Through the teenage years’ tab.
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