The Greatest Failure



We had run in circles, burning a ring through the Earth, in this endless quest in blindness;
A tome worth of scripts have left my fingers bleeding in my attempt to save what I once loved.
A ghost.

Cheated, lied, betrayed – repeat offense – and yet this foolish heart could form no hatred;
I cried, I bled, all to see your soul set free from the demonic chains that now bound it firmly;

Decades past in my efforts for your salvation, but I know only He can truly unbind your soul;
I was left a mere shadow of my former self – you had drained my every breath, my every piece;
I was undead.

Broken under your weighted burdens, I finally flew out of that bird cage door, my home with you;
My prison.
Yet, the hope inside still lives on that one day, pray, you will awaken from your comatose state;
Paralysis of self.

The greatest failure, they say, is the failure to try – the title to the book on your false devotion;
‘Meet me half way’ to you existed not, my dear, yet I tore my arms in reaching for you;
Your sloth.

‘Reach for me’, ‘dust yourself off and try again’, the whispers of my heart and mind fell deaf;
No. For had there been true meaning, a reason, you wouldn’t have just said, but would have done;
A road to success.

© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.

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