Shifting Sands

sand dunes


We were two grains in a desert, so vast, of sand that never saw end;
Rolling dunes of countless grains painted the canvas of life, and yet my sweet,
We were carved from the same stone, and bound together by forces unseen,
Two separate entities, coming together as one in an amalgamation so pure.

Each gust of warm wind, our daily struggles, could not deter us in our fortitude;
You were my strength, as I was yours, to endure the lashings from the rising Sun.
Our comrades at arm’s length, constantly changed with the silent breeze, but no,
We were to remain strong in our struggle for continuation and devotion; our souls.

The hourglass cracked; that painful day fell upon me like an arrow to the throat,
You were torn from my side and left me without breath, in your quest for something new.
My eyes scanned the horizon, shifting through every grain in a land left desolate; barren,
You were gone, I was hollow, as you had taken the shell that had held me together, my pieces.

The storm subsided and so, my dear, I called to you in hope you’d hear my plea, my cry;
The horror, my grief – I had found you, and yet you it was not, a face so contorted in pride,
An entire being changed, your shape unrecognised, with a heart that had eroded in sin,
We were no longer bound, yet my mouth knew no words but your name and your prayer.

Confrontation; that moment of pressure, the heat of your anger, a true face emerged;
Once an opaque grain of sand, you had now become a transparent glass, crystal clear,
Which could no longer hide it’s true self, and yet your wrath you used to cut me, why?
My blood poured for you, still I forgave, in hope that you one day see the truth in yourself.

The cracked skin of my grain had lost its youth, but my heart would still skip at your voice,
My colour, once vibrant, had faded with time, yet my eyes would reflect only your image.
Your seat now empty, I look to my side, and reminisce on the history we’d carved, in stone,
It cannot be erased, nor do I wish, but I must now carve a new path – a new me.

A new me – with or without my once loved grain; He will be my shepherd in this desert life.
© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.

(In dedication to a wonderful friend who has been a beacon of hope in my moments of darkness.
Thank you, G. May God bless you with happiness and relief from the images that continue to haunt, and hurt, you.
You are in my prayers.)

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