The internet can be seen to be quite like the Universe that surrounds our minuscule green and blue planet.
Just as the interstellar medium holds much of the information that has been storing up in our Universe ever since the Big Bang, the internet too can contain such vital gems which are critical to the expansion of our knowledge (in nowadays technologically run era) as human beings.

Millions of light-years away, a powerful star explodes in a phenomenal display of high-energy particles and colours – going “Supernova”. In line with this analogy, over the last few decades, the internet has exploded into its many ‘colours’ and ‘faces’, allowing us to discover more about… well… everything!
In a reverse path to the aforementioned example, this ‘explosion’ of the World Wide Web has given life, and chance, to many unnoticed stars who strive to enlighten the rest of humanity with their knowledge, wisdom, wit and, essentially, their hunger for life. Bloggers!

As such, and trying to speak as humbly as possible(!), this blog will hopefully be the start of the formation of a new, unseen, star in this ginormous network of a universe. Me!

… Hello!

What can I say other than… I’m me! I love God’s beautiful creation, that is the Earth; and I intend to explore it to the max! From martial arts, anime and Islam, to short stories, rocket science, poetry and weaponry – This blog will be an exploration of a small piece of the inner workings of my mind. During a zombie apocalypse, I would most likely be that unidentified crazy person who runs around shooting jellybeans at the undead!

Be careful, I have Jellybeans!!

A few words to describe me:
Aerospace Engineer
Space Mission Analyst
Martial artist (specialising in weaponry – mainly sword work)
Martial arts researcher and weapons collector (licensed!)
Short story writer
Anime, manga, comic enthusiast
Console gamer
Love for all things arty!
Big kid!
Living embodiment of the Cookie Monster!

etc etc!


Feel free to visit my Facebook page for more frequent daily antics and giggles!
Naziyah Mahmood Facebook Page


61 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there! I came across your beautiful post about the soul-saving sword, and I was hooked. I look forward to reading a lot of your other content as well.

    • Hi, Buri-chan!
      Welcome to my blog! Thank you for your visit, and for your sweet words, you’re very kind 🙂
      My site is open for your perusal any time!

      I just took a look at your blog and it looks wonderful – I look forward to looking through it!
      Japanese culture has been a part of my life to one extent or another (I’m stil a beginner, though!)
      I formed, and was the president of, my university Manga and Anime society for almost 5 years – great times!

      A lot of my exposure to Japanese culture came through martial arts, but I also have an adoptive Chinese family too (I’m a bit all over the place!)

      Here’s to writing more wonderful articles on our blog pages! Ganbatte kudasai!!!

    • I doubt I could ever comprehend the world of astrophysics as well as the man himself, but it’s a subject that I am keenly interested in, and graduated from in uni 🙂

      My Honours was in Physics with Astrophysics, and Masters was in Space Missions Analysis and Design (Aerospace Engineering).
      I was lucky to have worked on some ESA missions, and yet I still feel like a complete dunce! No matter how much knowledge we attain, we’re all still students in life… and I know I’m a complete amateur!!!

      I just love learning and attaining knowledge in all of it’s forms 🙂

      Thank you for your wonderful comment!

      • I don’t really feel like it’s anything impressive… I was just lucky to have been given opportunies that many don’t get, and lucky to have been raised by wonderful and supportive parents 🙂

        Thank you!

      • I am impressed because you have a sense of thankfulness towards Allah… Else God himself has said in Quran that… ‘Among you there are few who pay thanks..” 🙂
        I think your being thankful is the reason for your being able to lead a happy life..

      • I’d love to say that I am a completely happy and content person, however, that would be a lie.
        As with many, my life probably sees more negativity than positivity… it’s just that I wish to concentrate more on the latter!

        As you yourself probably know, when we lack something in our lives (like a positive atmosphere), we strive harder to create it instead!

        I could never be thankful enough to Allah for everything He has given me, including the tough times.
        The happy moments may make us smile, but the hard times are what pulls out our inner strengths and shape what we become.

        We have two choices: Either we give up, or we keep going!
        Considering that time waits for no one, I’d rather try to appreciate the gift of life that Allah gave us 🙂

        It’s very hard to do sometimes, but hey… Hakkuna Matata!

      • As you yourself probably know, when we lack something in our lives (like a positive atmosphere), we strive harder to create it instead!
        Excuse me… R u Budha returns.. ??? coz u r talking so much deep,,,

      • Haha, no no, I’m just me 🙂

        I do strive for enlightenment in my own way (through rememberance of God, and His guidance), but I just like to share through my own experiences too 🙂

        I have a tendency to ramble on too much sometimes, so I hope you’ll excuse my babbling during those times!

      • Buddy.. I have to ask some favor from you.. Can I have your tweeter ID or something.. But don’t know when you read this message.. So better I am asking here..
        Can you please teach me that how you have made different pages and how you write in them.. Because I also want that.. Currently, on my blog one is Home and other is About me.. I want to segragate this.. I want a different page say “People” where I will write about people .. I want another page where I wana write abot “Places” and next “Books” .. Kindly tell me..
        I even can give you password of my blog so that you may make changes to my blog..
        I don’t like its current look.. everything just dropping down in home..

      • To be honest, I’m fairly new to all of this too!
        I only managed to understand parts of it because I have previous experience of designing websites.
        I don’t actually have a twitter account, but I can pass you my email address.

        All of the pages can be added via the dashboard -> Pages -> Add New

        These are the ones that are added to your menu. You can add sub-pages by giving them a ‘parent’ page. For example, how Horror can be a sub-category of Stories (the parent).
        Also, you can set out the order of the pages by a number. 0 (e.g. Home), 1 (e.g. About), 2 (e.g. People) etc etc

        There are still a few bugs I can’t seem to sort out, but I think it all depends on the theme too.
        I can’t seem to share a hyperlink as a word (which is in the writing box option), but again I think this is a theme problem, mine being Adele.

        It’s so very kind of you to trust me enough that you’d be willing to give me your account details, but I would advise against giving anyone details to your account – as a just in case.
        Although, it’s very touching that you have trusted me this much, thank you 🙂

        Try it out! Just play about with the options, you never know till you try!

      • Oh its OK.. I know you won’t decieve or hack my accout. why would u do this.. ? There is no reason … But yeah for the rest of the world I can’t be that generous..
        Do you have gmail id.. because it will be easier for me to have instant mesgaging there.. if not then its ok.. I am trying to follow the instruction..

      • I would never dishonour a trust.
        Promises and oaths mean a lot to me, so much so that I’d go to any extent to keep them. This is why I’m always very careful before making promises.

        If someone said “promise you’ll be breathing in 5 minutes” I could not promise them that at all. If they asked “Is your name Naziyah”, that I could promise since it’s assured 120%

        Giving someone personal details or secrets is like giving them a possession (an ‘amaanat’).
        Amaanat is one of the four things that resides beneath the Throne of Allah, and is something that should be taken very seriously.
        If someone even gave me a sweetie wrapper, I’d do anything to get it back to them in one piece!

        Your trust in me really does mean a lot, I just meant that it’s probably better to try for yourself too, so that you’ll know how to do it in the future 🙂

        I only have the hotmail account, sorry! Try it out, and if you have any questions, just emal me 🙂

        Also, for the many questions I will be unable to answer (our themes also differ), WP has a FAQ page in the help section too 🙂

      • Hmm.. I copied your theme.. working on it.. 🙂
        And I have natural capability to know who can be trusted and who can’t be..
        I feel you can speak urdu well.. are u from Pak or India? I mean ur parents..

      • I have a bit of a mixed background!
        I’m born and raised in Scotland, my mother is English (with South East Asian background). My father was from Pakistan. However, further back our lineage fully comes from Saudi Arabia.
        One of my grans was from India though, from before the partition.
        I have adoptive Chinese parents and sisters (long story! They took guardianship of my sister and me when we visited them), and we have relatives from all over!

        It’s normal, at home, for us to speak in at least four languages in one sentence without even realising! Haha!

        I enjoy learning different too languages though, from French and Japanese, to Korean and Chinese.
        Learning is fun ^-^

        I take it that you and your family are from Pakistan? 🙂

      • You are hetrogenous mixture.. lol.. Kudos to your mind who can speak all these language..
        hmm i also thought that you would not be that fluent in urdu..

      • hahahah .. wow .. ap to full urdu bol rahi hain.. strange.. muje laga tha k agar ap ko ati bhi hogi to nahin bolengi.. kafi larkyan dekhi hain jo bus tooti phooti he bolti hain aur zyada english he bolti hain.. mind blowing yar mind blowing.. hahah . kya ho yar aap kasam se .. dimagh ghuma dya hai lol

      • Bus, ekh sidhi sadhi larki hoon 🙂
        Hum sab tho Allah ke bandhe hai, is liye humme koshish tho karni chahiye!
        Mein bi tooti phooti urdu bholthi hoon… lekhin.. Punjabi the assi theek thaak bholdhay aan!!! lol!

        (My spelling is awful in Urdu, so I hope you can be patient with it!)

        I better stop though!! Any other readers might feel a bit left out ><

        shukriya, bhai, aap ke comments ke liye 🙂

  2. I am a person who respects emotions and you have never to worry about how you are reacting. In fact I love people who are open and can be real in all situation. I believe there very few people who have that much date.. 🙂

  3. Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
    I woke up way before Fajr today, and couldn’t figure out why. After I made wudhu, I checked my Facebook. First update was a post from a medieval swordfighting group. That post led to your interview with the Welsh reporter. At the end, your blog was referenced. So here I am! 🙂
    It feels like I’ve read so much, but I’m glad to see that there is so much more to read. You’re like a good book, that I just can’t put down! It seems your smile comes out from words as if I was watching a movie.
    Well, I hear the birds singing, it’s not all dark outside anymore. My day begins, as your day ends. I better get to salah, and start my day before I get drawn back into your blog. 😛
    I can already tell that your humble character won’t allow you to accept it comfortably, but I’d like to thank you for being you. You’re amazing. Don’t argue. Just smile. 🙂

    – Tony

  4. You are amazing! Scientist and martial arts and Muslim fantastic! 😀 love it! you are truly an eclectic person like I am. 😀

    Hi I am Jeffrey I am 23 years old and majoring in history at wayne state university, with interests in the near and far eastern history. I have 11 years of mix martial arts at this location http://zenmartialarts.com/ and I absolutely love martial arts. I find it awesome you like manga as well this blog will brighten my days! 😀

  5. you are so versatile ma sh allah.
    I am impressed, hard to find such beauty with brains especially in the era of instagram and facebook.
    would like to know more about you… 🙂

  6. Salams from America. I just read your interview on Facebook and reposted it. I don’t have any daughters, but if I did, I would want one just like you. You are a role-model for Muslim girls, boys also. May Allah guide you to greater heights of excellence. Best wishes, inshaAllah.

  7. You sound like the most amazing person in the world. The people I game with and play D&D with always joke around, about who they would want to spend one afternoon with. To be able to ask question and just talk about life. I have never really had an answer to that question as I never found anyone very interesting. I now have my answer to that question It would be you. The things you have done your outlook on life would be interesting to say the least. I know that would never happen, but I just really wanted to tell you that.

  8. Assalam o Alikum Wr Wr!
    Araayyy Waahhh Kaamaall hai!
    Salam from Pakistan and Waooo from all my heart Naziyah! You are literally amazing ma sha Allah may Allah preserve you and increase you in your knowledge and strength. It is really good to see a hijabi+Martial arts combination.

    I just came across your interview and then found here your blog. We are a team of youth from Pakistan running a project by the name Piety Bridges. And off and on we arrange online lectures of islamic speakers , and sometimes related to diseases awareness and etc. I wondered if we can have an online session with you and you could teach some basic tactics to females for self defense? Is it possible? It would really be an awesome plus in sha Allah because women really need at least some know how of self defense. May be our one online session can prove helpful someway?
    Looking forward for your response in sha Allah.
    Or bhot ziada khushi hui sunkar k apko urdu bhi ati hai. Tay sirf urdu nahin punjabi vi andi hai ay tay bari hi kamal gl ae. 😀

    Stay blessed! .

  9. Do you have twitter or instagram naziyah? 🙂 I’m from Singapore and is truly inspired by your stories, etc. MashaAllah! May Allah bless you abundantly ^^

    • Assalamu Alaikum, Rakinah 🙂
      I only have a facebook page, as I don’t get much time for other social media! Haha!

      Thank you so much for your kidn words, it’s very sweet of you 🙂

      May Allah (swt) bless you always! In Sha Allah!
      Stay smiling!

  10. Love and Respect from a fellow woman of the sword!

    My friend linked me to your gorgeous pictures b/c he knew I would be slain (figuratively!) I hope you don’t mind that I shared some of your photos with my friends and fans on FB.

    The spirit of your shots, with the sword, perfectly embody a character in my upcoming political rock opera/ballet.

    I enjoyed reading about you. So beautiful the marriage of your spirituality and your art, martial and otherwise.

    Wishing you the best of everthing!

    ~ O

    P.S. I just met another female martial artist/scientist (Is that a thing? :-P)

  11. Asalam alaikum, came across Naziyah on a worldhijabday fb post. Ma sha’Allah… Nice seeing a muslim sister who’s a master. Will have to share the catching photographs with my 3year old girl. Jazak’Allah khair

  12. Hi! I found your blog through an article on CMA news, and I just wanted stop by and say what an inspiration you are to me and a few other friends who do martial arts (I’ve been taking Shotokan for about 5 years, and my friends have been doing Tae Kwon Do). Also, it’s really cool that you’re an areospace engineer, because that’s what I hope to go into!

    Anyway, you are such an inspiration for my friends and I both through your martial arts, poetry, and career 🙂

  13. salam, i found you through a tumblr post which linked me to an interview you had which linked me to here, and i just wanted to say you’re my inspiration. ❤ i don't get inspired much but you've accomplished things above and beyond what i thought possible for any person including myself.

    as a growing teenager, it's really refreshing to see someone like you around. i hope i can be like you in the future 🙂 i was hooked at "muslim", "woman" and "martial arts", and then i read further and found out you're also talented at science and art, and you even like anime too which is a huge, huge bonus!!

    i thought that being good at both science and english wasn't possible, but you've inspired me to start believing in my potential in writing again. and also the fact that you can't have too many talents. :3

    i really really admire you. i wish you the best in life!!

  14. salam!

    i’m a muslim teenage girl from Australia who is currently practising taekwondo, and i just wanted to let you know that you are now my biggest inspiration ❤ i was hooked on "muslim", "woman" and "martial arts", but after reading further i found out you were talented at science and the creative arts, as well as an anime fan, and that pretty much sealed the deal. i admire you so much! (please notice me, senpai)

    you've showed that one can never have too many talents, so i'm going to work hard knowing that it's achievable 😀 so thanks!!

    p.s. you're really pretty. *hides*

  15. Reading across your blog reveals a colourful bouquet of wise and searching givings as well as longings. There is some real powerful poetry here which I feel should be pursued further. I like the short stories section and very much enjoyed My Thoughts and My Quotes. For sure I come back here and shall have a look again. 🙂

  16. Hi Naziyah! Only just came across this blog today and have been a bit inspired to start my own. I’ve never blogged before so this is all new to me. I love the direction you’re taking with this as it aligns so closely with my own interests as well. I hope life is treating you well and look forward to your future posts 🙂

    Take care and keep smiling!

  17. Naziyaaaaah, how do I get hold of you 😦 ? I think it would be great if we chatted sometime, since I cannot send a personal message to you on fbk/here/anywhere (can understand why you keep it like that though definitely), I leave it to you to message me if you’re keen, I follow you on facebook (Herah Khan) and I am facebook message-able through there! and yes, I am female, harmless, not fake, love fighting – marital art kind only, passion for philosophy, languages, science, family, life, Allah. x HAZAR DAFA.

    Ahafiz, Herah x

  18. hello I’ve just found your page. think you are fantastic and a role model. reading about all the things you do im so inspired.

  19. I was going to give up on my writing and nearly everything else but then I saw a tweet about you and was curious to know and ended up at your blog.
    To say I’m inspired will be an understatement. I’m actually very happy to come across your blog and wish you good luck for future.

    • Awww, that’s so sweet! Thank you, Bagels!
      My humble work is just the inner workings of my chaotic mind, but if anything here has been to your liking, I’m honoured 🙂

      It can be difficult to keep up the writing when we have so many other daily responsibilities and duties (as you can see, I haven’t updated my blog page for almost a year – shocking!) however, I feel that when I write freely, as opposed to when I’m forcing myself, the content is much more authentic!

      I hope you take up writing again, I’m sure you’ll do amazing =D
      Looking forward to peeking through your page!

      Peace and blessing,

  20. Hi there,

    My name is Nick Sheridan and I’m a BBC researcher and journalist based in Glasgow.

    Part of my brief is technology and young people, and telling the stories of those who have experience of the tech and coding industry.

    We want to hear from people who are often not heard on regular programmes – we want to hear from the people on the ground, from as a diverse pool as possible.

    I am fiercely passionate about the subject, and I want to have the opportunity to talk to people who may be interested in sharing their experiences with me.

    We want to be able to create a pool of people that we can call upon to ask their views on particular topics – in your case that would be technology.

    If you would be interested in chatting to me then you can email me at nick.sheridan02@bbc.co.uk, I promise I’m really nice 

    Many thanks,

  21. Yeah ! well I was wondering, all this infos about yet I still don’t know how old are you Naziyah (If you don’t mind of course) ??

  22. Brava Naziyah!

    My name is Mahruch Ali Ahmed Khan… aka Mardi – I am a female, international artist/poet/film-maker of mixed race (Muslim Indian/Catholic German) based in Canada. I would like to speak to you in regards to a film I am writing/directing based on an Afghan woman school teacher heroine who single-handedly takes on the Taliban and starts the blossoming of female led revolution that inspires the world.

    I want to cast a brilliant, brave and accomplished woman as the lead.

    Please contact me.
    I look forward to speaking with you, inshallah


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