Martial Arts

As mentioned in various places on my blog, my passion in life, and form of self expression, comes through martial arts.

I have trained in different empty hand arts, and have thoroughly loved them all; however, I must admit that my heart truly belongs with my swords.
They are an extension, not of my arms, but of my soul; and as an artist paints his spirit onto the canvas with his paintbrush, my own soul takes flight when I lose myself in my sword and weapons training.

Below are some of the relevant posts to my passion – rest assured, I will be writing much more in the upcoming months [including my history in the arts, which ones I have practised, the weapon arts, and my relevant experiences].


“It’s easy to get caught up in the more advanced aspects of any field or art when we’ve been in it for so long, however, it’s important to revisit the basics and foundations of that art in order to keep our grounding stable.
Just like a house, no matter how beautifully designed it is or how magnificent the architecture may be, if the supporting foundations are weak, the entire house will come crashing down.”


“In September, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gareth Davies for the online Welsh Martial Arts Magazine – Community Martial Arts News.
I consider myself a novice in the field of martial arts, but it was such an honour to have had this article published by Gareth, who had contacted me after finding one of my sword photos online (as mentioned in the article).

The passage speaks a bit about my martial arts history, a bit about my own life, and about Sensei too.
I realise that some parts are a little muddled, but the gist of it is there! (I just hope it doesn’t come across in an arrogant way, as I truly do see myself as a novice!)”


“My swords are more than just an extension of my arms, they are an extension of my soul and give me strength and discipline to face my everyday life with a smile on my face, with the knowledge that “the best battle is the one not fought”, as they have not only taught me not to fight, but also to hold strong to self defence.

There is the death giving sword. There is the life giving sword. Now, there is also the soul saving sword.”


“martial-arts play a huge role in my life and have enabled me to move around with ease regardless of my visual impairment, because of a heightened sense of spatial awareness.”



“Knowing my love for martial arts, and especially my swords, we combined my several cultural backgrounds with that of my martial arts passion…”





6 thoughts on “Martial Arts

  1. Salam Naziyah….
    You are such great inspiration and role model! I have a 12 year old daughter and I would like her to learn a form of martial arts, what would you recommend?

    Many Thanks


    • Assalamu Alaikum, Sister Aamna,

      I apologise for my terribly late reply, I’ve not had much time to pop online lately!

      I truly do not see myself as inspiring in any way, but if any of my words or actions have made even the smallest of positive effects to your day, then that makes me happy =)

      12 is a beautiful age to start our young ladies in the arts. Usually, the younger they start, the easier it is in the long run.
      There are so many martial arts to chose from, but it all depends on what she may prefer.

      I’d suggest having a look around your local area to see what classes are available. Most classes allow a free first lesson, so you could always wittle it down to a few that you like the sound of, and then go for a drop in session.
      It’ll not only give you a feel for what the art may be like, but also about the teaching methods of the teacher involved (not all teachers will teach to one’s liking or standard.)

      Many martial arts schools offer childrens classes separately, as well as adults classes, so hopefully there should be something she’ll like =)

      I’d also suggest sitting her down and asking her what she might be wanting from a martial arts class. Many children tend to walk in with the mindset “I want to learn how to kick butt”, which is unfortunately not the right mindset to have for a martial ‘arts’ class.
      Self defense, physical exercise, mental and spiritual training and discipline, learning strong life lessons and morals etc.. these are all but a few of the benefits a good martial arts school would offer.
      Often, you find that children who train in the arts have a tendency to become a bit more mature for their age!

      I hope that you both find something to your liking, In Sha Allah. May Allah (swt) bless you always!

      Kind Regards,

  2. Assalamualaikum Sister Naziah,

    Jazzak’Allah khair for sharing your experience with martial arts! I found your blog from an article on CMA News about your story. It is very moving for me to read your words on the martial arts and philosophies. Seeing the extent of your passion has really inspired me to get started in martial arts again, and to take ownership of my training, where there need not be limits to learning, and the goals are development and spirituality, not just rank. Thank you for this.

    May God bless you and ever grant you beneficial knowledge, skills and wellbeing, as well as the ability to continue sharing these with others.


    • Assalamu alaikum, Jasmine,

      Firstly, I hope you can forgive me for my ridiculously late reply – unfortunately I’ve not been on my WP for quite some time.

      Thank you so much, lovely, for such a wonderful comment, you have a beautifully warm soul 🙂

      I know this may not mean much coming from a stranger, but I’m very proud of you for fighting on.
      I really do believe that one of the biggest misconceptions that many have is that success is continuous, when in actuality it’s not. Life gets in the way, things happen, our responsibilities grow and more, which in turn can keep us away from pursuing our passions sometimes. However, true success comes from trying again and again, and not giving in.
      Whether it takes several weeks, months or even years, as long as we try to do those things within whatever capability we humanly can, then you’re on your way =)

      Thank you for visiting my humble little page, Jasmine, and I wish you the best in your martial journey.

      You’ll do great!

      Kind regards,

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