Short Stories

As with my poetry, jotting down the happenings from my wild and uncontrollable imagination in the form of a written story became the crutch on which I would lean in times of personal silence.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, many of my hand written stories and poems were lost, and due to several failing hard-drives (technology has always hated me!) I was left deprived of many years worth of hard work and expressive evidence.
I am the type of person who does not prefer to overly edit my works, as I believe that the intended and initial emotion expressed in its raw form was what brought those words to life. As such, I will not be attempting to replicate my lost stories and poems, as I know they will live on inside of me, however, I will attempt to explore similar fields in my upcoming works.

Bubble Girl

Inside Pandora’s Box

Brown Leather Wallet

Olympus is Falling

The Case of the Guilt Ridden Tattoo

The Bus Stop


The Troubled School

The Guest

Themed Improv Stories – these are a collection of side stories or general writings, spontaneously inspired by writing challenges or last minute ideas!


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