The Thirteenth Hour

magic mirror

Haunting chimes of a music box
echo loud through enchanted time.
I stand, curious, before a towering mirror,
which casts no reflection of mine.

My hand slips forth to feels its coolness,
yet I gasp at the magic I see.
Fingertips, gone, I slip straight through
a portal of magical uncertainty.

In I am pulled, heart pounding in fear,
and yet I still long to know
the destination of this rippling void,
and where my journey will go.

I teeter forward, catching my step,
as my eyes behold the sight
of endless forests, valleys and lakes,
a realm created from light.

Swept off my feet, on the tracks of the breeze,
I glide on the wings of a bird,
Tasting the crispness of crackles of air,
listening to voices unheard.

Kingdoms so vast, and creatures so strange,
litter every inch of these lands.
Pillows of clouds made of glistening crystals
rain diamond drops into my hands.

A linear rainbow now guides my journey,
an explosion of colours so strong.
I happily hop along each chord,
to create my ethereal song.

I begin my descent, as light as a feather,
as I take in this realms allure.
My lungs intake a breath, so deep,
a taste so delicious and pure.

One leg extended, superposing ripples,
I stand on a mirror-like lake.
My reflection, she’s curious, as we both observe,
the movements that the other will make.

The blow of a horn, and I suddenly fall,
back through the mystical door.
For a moment so brief, our hands had met,
before separating, forever, once more.

I stumble forward, back into my room,
as I wonder about where I had been.
Is this reality, or the next part of that journey?
As the clock now strikes ’13’.


©Naziyah Mahmood 2015.
(Image taken from Unfortunately I can’t locate the original source, but if you find it, let me know!)


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