Internal Supernova

We need more truth in the world – be it hurtful or affectionate, a painful truth is better than a beautiful lie. In the long run, it is more beneficial for all involved.
Words can have a powerful impact on others, however, without any actions or foundation to make those words binding, words can also be heart breaking.


To hear empty words can be more soul-shattering than never having heard them.


We live in a world of false ‘I love you’s, false gratitude’s, false comraderies and false promises.


Many people live in a state of constant silent pain due to being surrounded by people who claim to love them, and yet feel more lonely than they would have without those people around.

Many people pretend that everything is ok, and utter words of affection they truly, deep down, do not believe – however, deep down, they also know that the person they are saying this to knows… The ears can hear something, the mind can register it, the heart can even hope it to be true… but the soul (from where spouts that raw, pure instinct) can taste the bitterness of those empty words.
Yet, false smiles mean deeper heart ache for longer.


To be told a bitter, painful truth can cause soul-shattering pain for a while… but to live a lie is to live a torturous death every day. You lose who you truly are, and live in a constant state of insecurity, loneliness and darkness.


If the truth means to hold on tight, then hold on like it means your life, and if it means to let go and set one another free, then do so, so that both sides have a chance to find a place that they can truly feel loved, wanted and at ‘home’.


Also, we need to stop kidding ourselves. We do not hold on in empty, false relationships (of whatever kind) to avoid ‘hurting the other(s)’ involved… it’s done because we become cowards. We are afraid of change, we are afraid of a life where you don’t have even a false place to feel ‘there’, we’re scared of not feeling wanted (even if it is to be false), we are afraid of not being able to find that home.
But the truth of the matter is… you never had one to begin with.


I ask you all, dig deep within yourselves – touch those parts of your soul that burn your essence so that you may discover the truth – and ask yourself if it is true.
If you can honestly say with your heart and soul that it is, then tell them. To those whom you love that you love them.
Due to fights, arguments, distance, silence and more, people can become afraid to utter words of love or affection in fear of getting hurt – it’s a defence mechanism… but love is not supposed to be a war, my dears. If your walls are going up, then allow that love to bring them down.
Before it gets to that point where lack of affection causes the loss of all feeling, tell them.

If your soul tells you, an echo from deep inside, that it is not true… then tell them.
This may sound hurtful, horrible, even cruel, but what’s even more cruel is for someone to live on in a deception of being loved when they are not.
Allow your souls to speak now, so that decades are not wasted in a limbo of heartache and pain.


I have always been some to promote love and unity, but by saying the above it does not mean I am doing the opposite. If anything, exposing a truth allows for people to break those chains that were often hidden away or avoided, and set themselves free.

Love is such an easy word to throw around nowadays… but just because it’s used often, doesn’t mean that it should lose its true meaning.


There is no love without respect, without trust, and without honesty.


If you truly love someone, then tell them, and allow it to show through your words, your tone, your actions and your convictions.


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Purge of politics


(Written as part of the Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Truth Serum: You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?)


Keeping this short but sweet – World Politicians.

Though I would never wish to force a truth from someone, as I’d hope that everyone would speak the truth themselves, there are some lies that have blinded nations worth of people all around the globe.

The emergence of truth from all of the world politicians would most likely shake the planet in ways that we couldn’t imagine; however, in time, I’d hope that we’d all learn to better ourselves and work by honesty.
If it just leads to extreme chaos, then we as humans would need to face that storm as a species due to the faults of some of our own. Hopefully, after the storm passes, we could learn to move on after having learned an important lesson.
There isn’t one governmental system on this planet that doesn’t have some form of corruption in it (no matter how small or big).

Pass out the serum, sit back and watch the unravelling of millennia worth of lies… then start again on a more ‘informed’ note.

Maybe I’m just having one of those “fed up” days when you get sick of the amount of false reporting, bias, misreporting and such on news channels, but this is what my mood would want right now.



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The line

“I’d rather hear a painful truth than a beautiful lie, as it is more beneficial in the long run.”

Naziyah Noor Mahmood


We’d all like to believe that everything in this world is pure, unscathed, and wholly good; as it is in human nature to strive towards that which we think to be better and a source of happiness.
I have often been called a “foolish optimist” and a “hopeful fool” by my friends, for the simple reason that I usually go beyond simply ‘wanting’ everything to be purely good, and dwell deeply in the world of ‘believing’ it.
Some may call this a strength, and others a weakness, but I have personally found that, depending on the situation, it can be both.

(Additionally, I am known for my extremely stubborn nature! Put this together with being a ‘hopeful fool’, and you can see the recipe for disaster!)

Holding strong to a hope that no matter how bad a circumstance may be, that there is still some goodness in the situation, is a strength worth protecting. In a world full of cynics and sceptics, keeping that candle of hope, faith and belief lit can bring about many advantageous changes to those around us.
Knowing that someone out there believes in the goodness within you can be enough reason for a person to overcome their own demons and succeed as a decent human being. It is only natural that every person has good and bad within them, some more of one than the other.
However, it is also important to know where that line lies – the line that defines the difference between ‘strong hope’ and ‘insanity’.
Leaving that candle lit, in order to light someone’s path, can help save a damaged soul. Yet, letting that candle burn all the way through, without paying attention, can also burn your house to the ground.

I believe that people can light the way for others towards their mental and spiritual improvement, but (and as also stated by a good friend) ‘Only God can bring them their salvation’.

Yet, regardless of what the world tells me, I cannot change that part of me that refuses to see through eyes other than ones that look for the positivity in any situation. This does not mean that I have not seen pain, grief or sadness – on the contrary, these characteristics have been the very foundations on which much of my life was built – and for that exact reason I (just as many others out there) strive to see the positive nature of life in order to bring back balance to my own world.

Balance – an essential element in life in order to find inner peace.

As such, bringing balance to our lives in the form of being hopeful, but also keeping in mind the reality of human nature, it is crucial for our own state of mind to know when to push forward and when to step away.

Being told of something painful may temporarily hurt us, however, in the long run we find that we learn from it, grow from the events and can even forgive more graciously.

When we are lied to, and especially if that lie is continued for a long while and we finally learn of the truth later, we find ourselves not only hurt, angry, and untrusting, but also lost.
Learning that the life that we had been living during that time was based on falsehood can bring about a harsh unbalance to your mind and soul, which not only crashes every hope and belief you’d had in that person or situation, but also changes your outlook on the world and others too.

Moreover, the most painful aspect of it all is when, deep down inside, we know we are being lied to but we want to believe that it is true so very badly that we play along.
This is when we cross that line.
We not only allow ourselves to live in a make-believe world, but also recreate the entire character of those involved – imagining them solely the way we wish to see them.

We temporarily accept the lie as a truth and base our life on it, however, soon enough the whole house burns down, leaving us with nothing left to protect.
What were we protecting before? Our own hearts, our own minds, and our own imagined world of happiness.

Obviously, we only tend to realise all of this once we have discovered the truth and been through the pain of feeling betrayed and deceived – so it is important that, from time to time, we look over the current events in our lives and, more importantly, listen to that little niggling voice (intuition) that has been trying to call out to us, but we have ignored for the sake of our own false-stability.