When the World Falls to Silence


When all the clouds have dissipated,
and the rivers have dried;
When all the mountains have crumbled,
and all the tears have been cried;
When the thunder has quietened,
and all the storms have been raged;
When all the animals are gone,
and the wars have been waged;
When all the flowers have wilted,
and the hearts have turned hard;
When all the trees have been cut,
and the Earth is left scarred;
When all kin become enemies,
and all friendships are torn;
When all the nations have fallen,
and there’s none left to mourn.
When the skies become darkened,
and the Sun fails to light;
When the lands become barren,
and there’s no life in sight;
When the last child has smiled,
and there’s no one left free;
When the World falls to silence,
Only then we will see;

That this culture of hate,
from the moment of birth;
It’s the deadliest of plagues,
to this gift you call Earth.

In this moment of reflection,
and this silent reverie;
I ask that you listen;
O’ Child, listen to me.

I am your mother, your father,
your being;
I am the template of life
you’ve been seeing.

I am the land that has
kept you sustained;
In your existence
I am deeply ingrained.

I am the breath,
that has lifted your lungs;
I am the song,
that nature has sung.

I am the sands
of your hourglass of fate;
So listen to me, now,
before it’s too late.

I am the soul of the Earth
that you know;
I am left wounded,
from the hate that you show.

There is still time,
to turns things around;
If you wish to survive,
on this one united ground.

Hasten, O’ Children,
with love, peace – just try;
We don’t have much time,
please don’t let me die.

I am the World…

Poem ©Naziyah Mahmood, 2016.
(Image source unknown)


Whispers of the Sunrise


Deepest slumbers, gently nudged, by the softest voices of my travelling conscience;
“Awaken, my sweet, come to prayer, come to salvation”
The words rolling through the skies, over the hills of atonement.

Fading moon, rising sun, light kisses on their mutual passage through time;
“Cleanse your soul, illuminate your being, I am waiting”
A gap in the dawn, veiled by the radiance of His Majesty and Grace.

Silent struggle, standing tall, ascending towards self purification;
“Spiritual cleansing, physical ablution, absolved from worldly bounds”
An incandescent aura, emanating from every limb and every motion.

Open soul, intimate words, a liberation through prostration;
“Free yourself, share your tears, I am here”
An elevated state, reached through the humbling gestures of adoration.

Rising up, heart content, facing the day with a reinforced hope;
“I am with you, I have always been with you, and always will be”
Sweet whispers of the sunrise that ready me for my lifelong journey.

“…I am here”

© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014
(Image taken from road2jannah.com)


(It’s a bit late, but this is written as part of the Daily Post: Daily Prompt – New Dawn: How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).)

The Greatest Failure



We had run in circles, burning a ring through the Earth, in this endless quest in blindness;
A tome worth of scripts have left my fingers bleeding in my attempt to save what I once loved.
A ghost.

Cheated, lied, betrayed – repeat offense – and yet this foolish heart could form no hatred;
I cried, I bled, all to see your soul set free from the demonic chains that now bound it firmly;

Decades past in my efforts for your salvation, but I know only He can truly unbind your soul;
I was left a mere shadow of my former self – you had drained my every breath, my every piece;
I was undead.

Broken under your weighted burdens, I finally flew out of that bird cage door, my home with you;
My prison.
Yet, the hope inside still lives on that one day, pray, you will awaken from your comatose state;
Paralysis of self.

The greatest failure, they say, is the failure to try – the title to the book on your false devotion;
‘Meet me half way’ to you existed not, my dear, yet I tore my arms in reaching for you;
Your sloth.

‘Reach for me’, ‘dust yourself off and try again’, the whispers of my heart and mind fell deaf;
No. For had there been true meaning, a reason, you wouldn’t have just said, but would have done;
A road to success.

© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.

(Image taken from http://bittersweetvenom.deviantart.com)
(Also shared on http://poetreecreations.org/2014/07/05/the-greatest-failure-promote-yourself/ )