Soul Strings

Soul strings.jpg


© Naziyah Mahmood, 2016.


Distant Echo


One deep breath; a sigh of escape,
I am stirred awake from my nightly slumber.
My drifting soul in the realm of limbo,
returns, cascading, to its worldly vessel.

My eyelids shift from their fleeting dream,
and gently part to greet celestial illumination.
The painted scene, a different canvas,
from the images that last danced before me.

A comforting silence, loud on my senses,
is disturbed by a whisper – a voice with no sound.
A memory from the future, déjà vu yet to happen,
echoes around me like a blanket of warmth.

A riddle with no answer, slowly fading from my being,
leaves behind the last brushstrokes of its existence.
I smile, I awaken, with a distant longing,
we will meet again, in that memory yet to come.

… Believe.

©Naziyah Mahmood 2015.

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