Grass (New Short Story and New Page)


‘Is it over?’

My ears ring with a deafening tone which slowly subsides to a gentle ringing sound. I can suddenly feel grit in my mouth, and the taste of a mix of blood and soil.
The smell of smoke, gunpowder and decaying flesh hits me hard and I slowly begin to feel some movement in my fingers as they slide over my torn flak jacket.

Then, I see. I pry my eyes open, tearing at the crusts of blood that had sewn my eyelashes together, to reveal a sequence of moving blurs.
Apart from a few scuffling sounds, and some distant rumbling, the scene had grown eerily quiet; the battle was over, but who had won?

Slowly, I pull myself up to a sitting position and cringe at the shooting pain I feel travelling through my right leg. I then carry out a mental examination of the damage I have taken and hope to God that I won’t be in need of any amputations.

‘Still in tact… sort of.’

I really don’t want to get up, but I have a feeling that if I don’t then I’ll be left behind for dead.”



We live in a world made of boxes.

We spend all of our lives in a box – four walls, a floor and a ceiling.
We compartmentalize our daily duties into boxes too.
We leave our home box, get into a moving box, to then just go and sit in another box.

We eat from boxes – all those factory made “healthy” foods.
We pass on boxes to one another – Happy birthday!
We then spend the rest of our time looking at virtual boxes.

We rely on our ‘inbox’ for human to human communication.
We then retire to bed for the day and even dream in boxes.

The most dangerous box of all is the one that sits in everyone’s living room.
We spend whatever “free” time we have staring at a box that tells us what we can or cannot be. It tells us what we can or cannot do. It can make us believe next to anything as long as it’s done with dramatics.

We stare at that box, and at the beautiful scenery we see on it and think “I wish I could go there”, “I wish I could do that”, “I wish…”
It has the power to shackle down the human spirit by making us believe that what we are seeing on a screen IS firsthand experience. “You’ve seen one then you’ve seen them all”.


For a moment, step out of your box and look at the picture from an outside perspective.
How controlled does it feel? An orchestrated routine that we’re all told is a must in order to be living a ‘successful’ life.
Every one of those boxes looks the same – what a mundane world that would be.

Now that we are looking from ‘outside of the box’, look around.
Realise that you ARE being, and that you CAN live – not just survive in cubes.
Rather than sitting in front of a box, wishing you could see that natural setting, get up and go.
Rather than living a second hand experience, go and breathe in the very essence of what, in actuality, we all are and what we have been blessed with – the spirit of nature.

Yes, we all have obstacles and restrictions that can make it difficult, but go…  because at the end of the day, when we take our last breath and are headed for that final box that will be going six foot under, at least you’ll be able to say to yourself…
“I lived…”



Naziyah Nature

© Naziyah Mahmood, 2015

Music Sheet

music book pen

Fate and Destiny; analogous to a sheet of music.
Our fate, the pre-printed and pre-determined bars have a beginning and end – our birth, to our final destination in this song called ‘Life’.
Our start and end are inevitable.
However, the notes, the steps of our destiny, are our own choice on how the song will flow – we can determine how we chose to live our lives.
So… what will your next note be? Make it a good one 🙂

Be good, be safe and be wise.

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The Rough Patch

light at end of tunnel

They say that if you wish to see the rainbow, then you must withstand the storm.

They say that if you wish to see the light of dawn, then you must endure the dark of night.

They say that if a rock wishes to become a diamond, it must brave the heat, stress and pressures.

They say that for the flower to bloom, it must first fight its way through the soil from a single seed.

What they don’t say is that it is ok to cry, for you have been strong for so long.

What they don’t say is that it is human to feel weakness, as it allows us to strive harder.

What they don’t say is that it is ok to turn to others for help sometimes, because a burden shared is a burden halved, and a joy shared is a joy doubled.

What they don’t say is that it is ok to stop and rest, as we all need to remind ourselves of who we truly are through contemplation.

As we run through that dark tunnel, reaching out our hand towards the singular light which we see at its end, the steps we take towards our destination are vital in shaping who we will be when we get there.

Cherish every step, learn from it, and grow. You will then see that the light existed inside of you all along.


© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.
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Hiding in Wait

palboy 2

I am your child, from a burning land, drenched in the blood of oppression; Apartheid,
Mother, do you not hear me cry? Father, have you forgotten? Our silent promise.
I am your sibling, in this city of tears, drowning in torment so real; Massacres,
Sister, can you not see me? Brother, are you coming for me? I am still hiding in wait.

We were bound in a kinship before the birth of our ancestors – Humanity.

I was born in battle, blood as my milk, learning to dive before I could crawl; Survival,
A land far from you, surreal it may seem in the safety of your home, but I am real and I am flesh.
My screams are covered by worldly melodies, but it is used as their music; My oppressors,
I lie in wait, can’t you find me? A game of ‘hide and go seek’ leaving me aching.

I hide from the terrors, but the world hides me from its view – Apathy.

I was once told a story, of nations so great, their lands built on justice and law; Our dream,
We pray for stability for the generations to come, and yet I know I shall never see it.
I pray for a hero to rescue my people, as we are reaching a limit, a deadline; Extinction,
For if tomorrow will be just a clone of today, may my soul just depart now to the Lord?

Please hear my plea before it is too late – Annihilation.

I cannot see your colour, your faith or your name, but I ask of this favour; My wish,
Tonight, see my face in your mirrored reflection and I shall visit you in your dreams, my dear.
In the rubble of my former home, I am hiding beneath the blackened stones, my friend; Frozen.
I lie in wait, I shall hold strong in hope of your arrival, my freedom and my soul.

I am real… I wait for you… I am real.



© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.
(Image taken from – Edited by Naziyah Mahmood)

A Blessed Day – Gratitude

I was lucky to meet a great friend today, and we spent three wonderful hours talking about our lives, philosophy, blessings and ours gratefulness to God and His love.

The fact that I am even able to meet with a friend in a safe environment, and that I am able to cherish the beauty of the nature around us (we strolled passed a very green park) has me feeling a deep gratitude for all of life’s blessings.
We saw blessings in even the darkest of our stories, which I realised was in itself a blessing!

I just wanted to wish anyone who may read this a wonderful day!
Let’s spread the love 🙂