Help save the Syrian Refugees

Hello my fellow ninjabeans! Following on from one of my previous Facebook posts (which can be found here) about the heart wrenching situation taking place for the Syrian refugees fleeing from a war torn country, I thought I might try a little something to help in even the smallest way possible.
A friend of mine and I decided to raise some funds for Human Appeal (Refugee Crisis), my part being by putting up the new limited edition “World Warrior” T-shirt.
If you were interested in donating to a charity, why not donate as well as get a t-shirt too ^^

The world needs more heroes! Please do feel free to share and spread the word too! The campaign will run for 3 weeks from yesterday, and will only be successful if the target goal of purchases is met (I tried to be very realistic with the number! Every penny counts, afterall!)
Let’s spread some of that human compassion ^^
All profits will be donated to Human Appeal.



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