Weapons Photography – Dark Reflections

Naziyah_reflection(Photograph of Naziyah Mahmood – Photography by J. Jamieson)

A sneak peek from yesterdays shoot! I look like the evil overlord of the underworld!! (No, that wasn’t the theme though!)
The photograph is practically untouched (bar some extra background the was cut out).
A reflection of the dark overlord in a mirror!

Image Β© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014


31 thoughts on “Weapons Photography – Dark Reflections

    • Thank you for your kind words, John, they’re really sweet πŸ™‚
      Unfortunately I’m not looking for marriage at the moment, but to be honest that’s probably for the best interests of human kind! Haha!

  1. So gorgeous! I love the mood of the whole thing, and also the expression on your face, like you’re contemplating something amusing! A friend of mind shared an article about you on facebook, and I must say that you are inspiring in so many ways!

    • According to my friend, I look like I’m contemplating whether I should kill someone, or just order pizza!! Haha!
      Thanks for your beautiful comment! You’re awesome!

  2. Salam Nazihah
    We are looking for a high resolution pic. for our magazine. Please email me few high resolution pictures for cover page. If you interested…Thank you

  3. Really, the whole “Anglo-Arab-Pakistani Glaswegian female poet/space scientist in a hijab who fights with sword” meme is so overdone these days.(I’m kidding. Awesome blog.)

  4. I read that you have practiced qigong. Have you heard of a type of qigong called Falun Gong? It is good, it has four standing exercises and sitting meditation, and includes practicing truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance in your life. You might like it. In case you didn’t know, the Chinese government is evil and has been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners since 1999.

  5. I just read an article about you and street art. Martial arts has been my greatest passion in the states. I had to practice is secretly because my parents disapproved. I love the spirituality and I’m impressed with your insight!
    Can we be email penpals? There’s so much I want to learn from you!
    Either way, new fan to your blog.

  6. Hi Naziyah,
    I was led here by a facebook article (your interview for Welsh Martial Artists). Great insight of you and your career/life. Ninjitsu has always been my first love, like you I was drawn into the weaponary and mysticism of the arts and it’s roots. The photos are fantastic, well done to the photographer, your culttural attire is fantastic, certainly what I would expect in a Manga/Anime film. I could even see you in a 3rd installment of ‘Kick Ass’. Now that would rock! You mention that your heritage is Arab, which part?

    Wish you well…

  7. Amazing image. .. it’s great for many reasons but main one is it positive reflection on the power of Muslim women and not the typical steorotypical view.

    Feels great to see a fellow Muslim doing so well…long may it continue… aameen.

  8. Dude,
    D u d e

    Why are you not like everywhere



    Allahumabarek man
    Teach me the wayyyyyyyyyys braaaah

  9. My older brother studied Ninjutsu and Jiu Jitsu, even partook in conferences with Master Hatsumi when he was in Japan. We have shared a love of martial arts since we were children. I adore the katana. I however focussed more on your other passion, I am a poet and a writer. I would vastly appreciate your feedback on my wordpress page. Your images make me think of Rumi, your words make me wonder what conversation with you is like and your spirit is as intimidating as it is magnetic. It seems like you are not of this time, like a time travelling warrior poet, and there is magic in this timelessness.

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