Elegantly Dangerous?!

(Written as part of The Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Why, thank you?: What’s the best (or rather, worst) backhanded compliment you’ve ever received? If you can’t think of any — when’s the last time someone paid you a compliment you didn’t actually deserve?)

Naziyah sword 3

(Photograph of Naziyah Mahmood by Fiona Brims)

pic 3

(Photograph of Naziyah Mahmood by Fiona Brims)

Naziyah sword 2

(Photograph of Naziyah Mahmood by Linda MacPherson)

Naziyah sword 1

(Photograph of Naziyah Mahmood by Linda MacPherson)

Recently, I was invited by two photographers to have a photo-shoot with my martial arts weapons, which was lots of fun as the two of them are such wonderful ladies!
I’ve modelled before in the past, however it was usually to help out friends or at the request of photographers, but I honestly don’t see why anyone would want my face as a subject!

Nevertheless, these phenomenal ladies were able to transform me from my usual alien-like self, into a somewhat presentable human being – a rare feat.

Knowing my love for martial arts, and especially my swords, we combined my several cultural backgrounds with that of my martial arts passion to produce the above photographs (amongst many).
I received, to my own surprise, many lovely and sweet compliments from my friends on social media, however one that stuck out was about looking “elegant, yet also dangerous”, which apparently (according to my friends) summed me up.
Clearly they haven’t seen my clumsy ways! Thank goodness!
Although I feel I don’t deserve any of their lovely compliments, my heart melted from the warmth of their affections.

Recently I had just been feeling a little down about myself, but these wonderful ladies managed to cheer me up, for which I could never be thankful enough.

(Props used were my own- antique lotus Katana and Steel Chinese fighting fan)


20 thoughts on “Elegantly Dangerous?!

  1. Situations like that are very irksome, but we feel that all we can do is grin and bear with it.

    It’s at times like these we should all have a magical massive foam mallet that can be used to *bop* common sense into people!

    When people look at me and then hear my voice, they’re usually a bit shocked!! I have a strong Scottish accent (Scottish born and proud!) but my appearance speaks a different language apparently!!!

  2. The pictures are beautiful and elegant. What makes them special is the fact that you exude strength and elegance which culminated in a reflection of being grounded.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, gpyrois, you’re very kind 🙂
      The photos came out well thanks to the wonderful skills of the photographers, they somehow managed to make me look half decent!! Heehee!

      They’re great ladies!

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    • Thank you for yoru wonderful comment!

      Haha! Although I don’t promote breaking jaws, I do believe it is crucial for all women to have at least a basic knowledge of self defense 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Truly, deeply, inspiring. Your recent interview was shared in the private group for The Aether Nomads Project (a global art endeavour, rooted in tribal Steampunk).

    As a sometime student of Tai Chi – short, long and swordform myself (currently on hold due to FND), and being a Reiki practitioner and a designer, I am drawn not only to the images but to the spiritual quality and diversity of the various facets that you present.

    I look forward to following your blog! (If it interests you, we have recently created aethernomads.wordpress.com

    Glad to have encountered you, Peaceful Warrior.

  5. This is what I always had in mind.To be someone who use swords to defend yet maintaining my love for poems and modest fashion. Totally inspiring.You also remind me of Khaulah Al-Azwwar,my role model =)
    Thank you for visualizing my dream, now I know how would I look with my own katana defending my family.May Allah bless you with husnulkhotimah and guide you to highest Jannah.
    Izah-23,a student from Malaysia.

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