Another Small Step Forward?

Great British Write Off

Although rather surprised, I am happy to announce that one of my short stories has been chosen to be published in ‘The Great British Write Off – Immersed in Words’ book!!

The competition, The Great British Write Off, was held a little while ago and thousands of great authors, writers and poets from across the UK took part.
Basically, you submit a mini saga, short story or poem with a max word limit of 250 words.
Initially, I wasn’t going to enter (as I saw that many pro-authors were taking part, and I’m just an amateur) but just submitted an old piece I’d written which had literally taken me 10 minutes to write.

I recently returned from travelling, and was feeling really low about myself, but when I opened the letter on my bed I felt a little better!

My story, Olympus is Falling, will appear in the book, along with pieces by other writers, and will be published on 31st of October!
Kicking myself that I didn’t sit and write something better (the piece is one of my more childish ones), but I am happy that it was chosen.
What a fluke… heehee πŸ™‚

“Olympus is Falling” Β can be found here.



8 thoughts on “Another Small Step Forward?

  1. I thought I had dropped a message on this post when I first read it, apparently I haven’t πŸ˜›
    Anyway, congratulations! Yaaay! I’m very happy for you, Naz! Please keep writing, I look forward to reading your future posts and hope that some more of your stories get published on books.

  2. Hey not a fluke!! It’s a fine piece of writing that makes a point and entertains the reader at the same time. Hearty Congratulations Naziyah! Let us know what else is in the pipe line and if we can pick up the book. Three cheers to you!

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