Proof of Desire is in the Pursuit


During a discussion with a great friend about what truly trying is, when it comes to our loved ones, we found ourselves falling upon the word “pursuit” quite often.

“If someone truly wants something” he said, “they pursue it, they try for it no matter what.”
No excuses.
I couldn’t agree more.
Be it a life goal, that certificate in cat first aid that you always wanted (don’t look at me!), a job, or to pass a university course – you give it your all (‘All’ varying according to how highly it ranks on your priority list).
Of course, I do believe that we should try our best at everything we do, but some things just motivate us more.

If something (or someone) is truly of significance to you, you pursue them to the extent depending on your own personally set boundaries (determined, again, by the level of importance).

“The proof of desire is in the pursuit. You won’t have to guess…bottom line is this: if he is not actively pursuing you, then you need to let it go”.
– Jackie M. Johnson.

These words, I believe, can be applied to anything a person can pursue.

Well, I had my eye on that slice of chocolate cake in the kitchen – I shall now ‘pursue’ it with utmost determination!!

(Image words by Naziyah Mahmood
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18 thoughts on “Proof of Desire is in the Pursuit

    • Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

      I think keeping hope is beautiful, but there is indeed a fine line between hope and foolishness too.
      Best just to try our best at everything we do, and if it doesn’t go as we’d hoped, then learn from it and carry on as a wiser person 🙂

      There’s something better than chocolate cake!?

  1. This is so amazingly true Naziyah. I love your own quote at the top. It made me think of my own situation too. And it made me think of Footsteps in the sand, when we find out sometimes that often unseen footsteps were there with us as we journeyed – the God who loves us. Proof of His own pursuit of us, I guess. Thank you for that insight and your quote – fantastic. G

    • Footprints in the Sand is a phenomenal poem!
      I couldn’t have put it any better, G! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and comment 🙂

      He is, indeed, always with us!

  2. Ooh, you can have your cake and eat it, Naz! Great saying, by the way: I entirely agree. It is not always an easy thing to face, though. Enjoy the cake! xxx

    • If it can help in any way, my friend, I am truly honoured 🙂
      May God bless you with a future filled with more happiness, love and peace than we could ever imagine.
      I’m proud of you 🙂

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