Kicking the tastebuds!


(Written for The Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Flavour #32: A local ice cream parlour invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?)

As difficult as it may be to sum myself up in one ice-cream flavour, I guess the recipe would probably go as follows:

Seven cups of sugar, for my extreme sweet-tooth
A handful of honesty, as I appreciate the truth
A can of “WACHAAA”, for my martial arts passion
A tall glass of love, joy and compassion

A tablespoon of patience, for the hardships and strife
Lashings of scars, that have painted my life
A pinch of perseverance, determination and might
Four pounds of courage, for the darkest of nights

A splash of creativity, respite for my soul
Understanding, chopped and peeled – add a large bowl
A kilogram of laughter, hearty and true
A teaspoon of insanity, actually, make it two.

Layer on forgiveness, and tie it with a rope
Marinate it all, overnight, in some hope
Leave it to set, and although it may look odd
Finally, add the main ingredient – keeping Faith in God.

Ok, so the Michelin chefs may not like the recipe, but hey… it’s a unique one.
‘Come one! Come All! Limited Edition Flavour that will leave you in stitches!’


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15 thoughts on “Kicking the tastebuds!

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      • Haha, you don’t really need to pour out your soul in this! Even basic descriptions are fun!
        Many of the others in the prompt actually used real flavours that they liked as examples!
        I just decided to make my own weird recipe o.o….

        The daily prompts are great! They’re a good way of making sure you keep up your writing, even if it’s just one rushed post day!

      • To be honest, even when I write these posts I don’t actually give much away about myself.
        There are some things I don’t mind writing about when it comes to myself, but I guess I’m still pretty closed up in many ways (working on it though!)

        So writing whatever amount you’re comfy with is perfectly fine!

        Also, we all know you’re adorable!
        I can tell you loads about you, but you’d never believe me 😛

        Adorable, creative, thoughtful, deep, caring, beautiful… I can be here all night!

      • It’s alright to keep some things to oneself.

        These days I haven’t done much introspection, or even have the energy to. I spend more of that energy to “making up” things because it’s more fun. Oh well, I’ll make my own recipe, but of a kind of food that I think would be like me. Hmmm….if I was a kind of food, what would I be?

        But I’ll eat you first! *chomp!* ^w^

      • Haha! I probably wouldn’t be an ice cream (as much as I like the stuff), but that was the example used in the prompt!

        As much as I’d hope I’d be a sugary delight, I’d probably be something with a bit of a darker kick to it ><

        You'd be a jellybean, full stop =3
        The awesomest jellybean around!

      • Lol! But, but, I also have a bitter-alcoholic taste to me, representing my other side, something like rum. Oh I know! I’d be a Tiramisu!!!

        And you’d be ice cream with bitter chocolate chips? Maybe?

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