Just around the corner…


When our hopes are trampled on, and our ‘safety blanket’ – our false sense of security – turns out to be a fake veil made from threads of betrayal, the simplest of things can begin to feel impossible. We doubt our self-worth, feel inadequate and can easily find ourselves falling into despair. However, a world out-with our own painfully perceived bubble does exist; an alien land that we’re afraid to wander into in fear of change.
I may hope for the impossible, but with God, everything is possible.
Keep hoping, keep dreaming and keep trying – you never know what’s waiting just around the corner…


(Image taken from http://www.evansink.com)


8 thoughts on “Just around the corner…

  1. Our Needs

    Do we ask and then You give?
    Do we tell and then You know?
    Do we name whatever we want?
    Do our needs to You we stow?

    I think You know what’er we need
    I think You know what’er we want
    Before we utter a single word
    I know, our wishes, You often grant.

    Of course, at times, to make us know
    ’Tis You who give whatever we get
    You make us bend and and bow and pray
    With a humble heart and eyes so wet.

    My Lord! We seem to beg and ask
    When’er our hands we raise
    But let me say, our lips are closed
    In silence we offer praise.

    (Naseem Saifi)

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