Bubble Girl Battle #1!

(Is there such a thing as an ‘evil bubble’?)

Ever had the misfortune of bumping into those miserable souls who like to spread their hatred for all things living?! I did so today!
As many folk know, I like taking a tub of bubbles with me where ever I go, and when I feel a bit down, I like to make myself (and those around me) happy by blowing some bubbles!!
(More info in my other post, if needed! Bubble Girl!)

I do this carefully, making sure I blow them low enough not to get into someone’s eye, I take into consideration the wind etc!

I was walking along town today and stopped at the road, waiting for the cars to pass. Some frown-wracked older man is waiting too, but is glaring at me. He even decides to move from the point that would have been his closest free-spot at the edge of the road to him, and comes and stands right next to me to glare more, amongst the many other people standing there (Thank you, oh broomstick bristle ‘tached person, much appreciated!).
I decide to ignore him. He’d seen me blowing bubbles before this, but I’d stopped at the road (don’t want them accidentally getting into cars and distracting drivers).

For the next 15 meters or so, he watches as I walk on, carefully blowing bubbles – then he decides to headbutt a bubble with his head as though he’s a Brasil football player (adorned with glasses, big enough to be an astronaut helmet!).
He comes over to me and starts grouching away about why I’m blowing bubbles and how it got in his eye (I have earphones in, so I take them out and ask him what he said), he decides to keep rushing forward but continues grumbling, in some inaudible language (using hand gestures – I think he may have landed on the wrong planet).
I say “Well, it’s either bubbles or second hand smoke. Since the latter is allowed in public, I don’t see the harm in these when they’re being used responsibily!”
Besides, he’d been watching me and knew what I was doing, and he himself decided to step into my stream of clearly dangerous bubble bombs!
He then rushes off to the side of the street, and gets on the phone, still glaring at me! Could you imagine that call?

Operator: “999, what is your emergency?”
Him: “A girl blew a bubble in my eye, like a nuke, and almost killed me”

He continued to glare at me as I walked down the street, to which I responded by giving him my biggest, ‘sparkliest’ of grins, and waving my tub of bubbles at him!
I then continued to blow bubbles, to his rage, and was suddenly surrounded by happy kids who wanted to play!! (That made it all better and worth it!)

Poor, miserable, broomstick ‘tache man…
Was probably heading home to a wife who beats him up and steals his lunch money 😦


(Image taken from http://coulicath.deviantart.com/ )


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