I’d like to apologise for the constant ‘depressing’ tones seen in my work, lately. As with many writers, I like to take inspiration from the events taking place in my life (and of those taking place around me), but do still keep a positive outlook in life!

I guess I just seem to like deep, meaningful work, which often tends to lean more on the ‘contemplative’ side of writing!

Ironically enough, I’m actually quite a bubbly and positive person in real life (and to some, annoyingly so!) but doesn’t this often happen!? Those who are, in reality, more positive, have a tendency to write on the darker side, and vice versa!!!

I will be posting more upbeat, happy and ‘smile-worthy’ work in the next little while (hopefully!) So I hope anyone who has been reading my work (and, most likely getting fed up with it!) will hang in there with me and expect more variety in my explorations!!

Enjoy your Friday the 13th 😉


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