The Cookie Monster Niece

(Written as part of The Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Gone with the Windfall: You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?)

To be honest, if I had any aunt with a million dollars to pass on, everyone in my extended family (who my family don’t really meet with) would probably already know of her because, unfortunately, within the group of distant relatives there are people who would do anything to con even the frailest of old ladies out of every penny!

At first, I’d feel pretty bad that someone had cared so much about me that they had left me their inheritance, which could have been given on to some other cause, yet I had never known of their existence.
“Oh dear, sweet, unknown aunty. I wish I could have known you better… or at all.”

As cliché as it sounds, money doesn’t matter very much to me. Yes, we all need it to get along in life, but I’m fine and happy as I am and with what I already have.
God has truly blessed me with more than I could ever need (though a few extra coins for my weekly sweets and confectionary haul would be appreciated!)

I’m assuming that my newly discovered, and newly deceased, aunt would also be Muslim (seeing as how most of my family are), and as such would have believed in the afterlife.
We believe that the only things we really take to the grave with us are our deeds – the weights upon which the scales of our eternal fate will be based (and, of course, depending on God’s decisions).

However, we also believe that a way for someone to receive blessings even after they pass on is if they have some form of charity or good act that continues in its effects after the person in question has passed.

For this reason, I’d like to think that I’d use most of that money in aiding my long lost aunt’s afterlife.
Maybe I could open an orphanage in her name? Build clean drinking wells in thirst ridden countries? Possibly even donate most of the money to a charity in her name, there are many options.

In all honesty, that really would bring me happiness, and would be money well spent for me. I don’t need cars, houses, material objects or anything of the sort; however, knowing that someone had thought so fondly of me before they passed would be more than enough. (Also, knowing that people in need of aid are being helped, too, would be fantastic!)

I might need to use some of the money in getting to the places where her mementos are to be planted, so I hope she wouldn’t mind if I was to purchase a bar of chocolate during my flight.

I have a huge sweet tooth!
Some have a high alcohol tolerance, but I have a high sugar tolerance – her ‘Cookie Monster’ niece!



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