Dream Dojo

(Image taken from http://www.animevice.com)

(Written as part of The Daily Post: Daily Prompt – Breathing Room: An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?)

The main question for me is – Are the ceilings high enough?!

As previously mentioned in many of my posts, martial-arts play a huge role in my life and have enabled me to move around with ease regardless of my visual impairment, because of a heightened sense of spatial awareness.

After our training hall was closed, my instructor and I have had to train outdoors; however, anyone who knows what Scottish weather is like will know that this means having to train through an ocean of rainfall!
In other words, it’s hard to get a chance to do any training at all.

An extra room in my house would definitely be used for the purpose of martial arts training, and meditation. My very own home dojo.; something I have dreamed of for a very long time.

With most empty hand martial arts, you don’t actually need very much space in order to perform kata (set forms), however, weapon arts require much more space (on both the x and y planes!) if you are going to be holding your sword or staff above your head like an antenna calling out to the heavens!

Keeping the number of objects to a minimum would be easy: A wooden sword and a training staff/cane. I would keep the third option open, depending on which weapons I need to use, and could just swap them out with the ones inside.

Well, the rules didn’t say that the three objects had to remain the same!

If you ever saw my bedroom walls, you’d probably think that a war was about to begin from an era long gone.
Just within a 1m radius of my bed, I probably have over 13 different weapons (including smaller throwing weapons), and my walls are plastered with antique swords, staffs, nunchaku, sai, spears, daggers etc.
i.e. my mum’s worst nightmare!

Oh how I have daydreamed of having my very own indoor dojo, but for now I guess it will have to wait since it would probably be used as a guest room for the new edition that will soon come to our family (I’ll soon be an aunt for the first time! Can’t wait!)
A sword. A crib. Close enough.



14 thoughts on “Dream Dojo

  1. Great response – remind me to come give you a shout if there is ever a zombie apocalypse or anything (with all your weapons and martial arts training!).

  2. There is supernatural being entering into your dream dojo, from the door. Be aware of it. It will surely be from Japan.
    Good luck.

  3. “A great debt is owed by western natural science to the spiritual stream of what I call Arabism.”
    Rudolph Steiner
    You are not writing ?

    • Sorry for not being able to reply for a while – I’ve just become busier than usual, and so I’m not able to write as much as before =(

      I do agree with that statement, a lot has been taken, or influenced, from the Middle East, but it is never shown in ‘the books’.
      I pray that you are well, and I hope everything is going well for you too!
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

  4. Common misconception.
    Why don’t you see it on Wikipedia. There are quite a good number of references. And, they are not much old, if you believe, nobody now recognize them. Old references are also available. Your idea is a clear deception.
    Sorry, I read this message quite late. Otherwise, I might not reply previously.

    Also, read Islamic ruling about watching opposite gender, especially in public. I have already reached the point that you will be asked about Hollywood.

    Can you differentiate between right and misbehavior ? If so, right is a more appropriate word than poison. Relying on God and acting right is good. But, too much self criticism is not a good thing.

    Lastly, can you work honestly between martial arts of China and Japan and space missions against them ? You are really going to make people there believe it!

    Social life, heart and attitudes are factors of count.
    ” God’s service is accomplished through struggle and not merely by intention.”
    I always come short of time.
    Thank you.

    • I seemed to have deleted my earlier reply by accident when I was trying to edit a typo, so I’ll insert it here:

      “(This reply is in regards to many of your comments on my blogsite, not just the one above.)

      I have a feeling that it is you who is clearly under the wrong ‘perception’ of me.
      My idea is a clear deception? Sorry, but you seem to jump the gun a lot on assuming what my ideas are (not just on this page).

      I have written several times how I integerate my belief in Islam (as much as I can) into almost everything I do. Yes, I may not be able to do it at all times (I’m not perfect), but I try.
      I really do appreciate the knowledgable facts that you have been sharing, I truly do – but more often than not, in your many comments you seem to have a tendency to try to ‘put others down’.

      No, I’m not taking feedback badly. As I’ve mentioned before, I appreciate constructive criticism as much as I do compliments (these help me to become better), but I’m beginning to grow a little weary of some of your replies now which constantly contain negativity.

      You spoke of being humble, yet you’ve set your name to “Beyond Everything”. Can I do the same as you and ‘assume’ about you? That you believe yourself to be beyond everything (including Allah (swt) – may He forgive us). No, I won’t do that. I’d rather hope that you have kept it as such for other reasons.

      You wrote in other posts that I shouldn’t be so selfish. So, writing generally about my passion for martial arts, poetry and dreams is selfishness? On my own blogsite?!
      My writing is usually a generalisation for how many might feel!
      Also, just because I am passionate about martial arts, does not mean that I can’t be passionate about other things (like Islam). Islam is first in my priority list, and as such isn’t listed as a hobby or activity for me. I have tried to make this clear several times but clearly you have misunderstood each time.

      I understand that everyone has an opinion, as I also state mine on this page, but some of your comments seem a little forceful with your opinions. Again, I really do appreciate your time and thoughts to share your opinions (I am repeating this several times in case you misunderstand this too), but becoming forceful with them is another matter.

      I have been unable to reply very much due to being extremely busy. Again, I truly do appreciate the constructive feedback, the discussion and the facts that you have put forth – however, with almost every comment you seem to take it into a negative.
      Please don’t assume things about me, just as you wouldn’t want someone doing it to you.

      It’s a blog page, it’s supposed to be light hearted and fun – I enjoy a good discussion, but last thing anyone needs is more animosity.

      As for the ruling on seeing the opposite gender in public, I am well aware.
      Also, although I really do appreciate each and every person that visits my blog page for taking the time to read it’s content – no one is forced to do so. As such, no one is forcing you to come along here (as you mentioned elsewhere that you were becoming tired of reading certain things on my blog).
      If you don’t wish to read such things, or see them, then don’t! Simple as!

      I feel terrible for writing such a reply as I feel it may have come across more harsh than I intended, however, I am becoming weary now.
      Thank you very much for all the wonderful facts, knowledge and wisdom that you shared, I honestly do appreciate those.
      May Allah (swt) forgive us all, lead us on the right path, and help us to rectify our wrongdoings. In Sha Allah.

  5. It was obligation on every believer to tell others about shortcomings in a social scenario and alternative ways. I accidently visit the site, and become liable to just share the view.

    For coming to the point, I have to discuss a lot of things. Two times, I talked I about very difficult things, at least for me . Let me apologize you, that I called you Oh little girl, because, you drove me to the time of my childhood. I had experienced these things in that time, and now I have somehow a clear conception about them. Everybody learns throughout his/her life.

    Find the solutions of problems in your own social scenario. Manage to solve all problems as they require. You can take help from your local scholars. Also, they can judge situation and can explain in a suitable way. Try to take some basic courses, if you need some guidance. Everything is arranged in the same way everywhere. Just take time, think and find the solution.
    Books and works are also available online. I must not say more.

    What is more important, a big laughter or peace of mind ?

    May God bless you.

    • Firstly, I do believe there has been a bit of miscommunication and misunderstandings.
      For example, in the earlier comment when you wrote:
      “Why don’t you see it on Wikipedia. There are quite a good number of references. And, they are not much old, if you believe, nobody now recognize them. Old references are also available. Your idea is a clear deception.”
      I WAS agreeing with that point already, hence the apostrophes around the words ‘in the books’ to imply that the influence of Muslim and middle eastern culture has definitely played a significant roles in older martial arts systems, but Western books don’t show this.
      As I said, I have been incredibly short on time lately and as such couldn’t write a longer response.

      ” I accidently visit the site”
      Considering how many times you’ve commented, and I can see the number of visits, I think saying “accidentally” is under-exaggeration. This somewhat clashes with the point you were making to me about public appearances.
      I, by no means, have anything against people visiting my site (that’s the point of a blog), but I found it odd that you said that after your initial remark to me,

      “What is more important, a big laughter or peace of mind ?”
      I must admit that this question is a bit strange. Speaking of light-hearted topics (such as poetry and such) is no way non-peaceful, and nor do I find that (if written correctly) it contradicts the beliefs.
      Just because not every poem is ‘explicitly’ speaking about Islam, does not mean that the writer does not have a love for it.
      Yes, I enjoy writing about my beautiful beliefs in the form of posts and poetry, but I also enjoy writing about parts of His creation too, that is the point of this blog. It’s a mix of many things.

      “It was obligation on every believer to tell others about shortcomings in a social scenario”
      I thank you once again for showing your opinions, and I will of course take into account what you have said. I am far from being sinless and as such I do read up on the subjects too, and so I do appreciate a reminder – but there is a fine line between reminding and encouraging someone to try, and becoming harsh and accusing.

      As my obligation, I feel I must point this out too – and this is by no means done out of spite. I have tried to remain polite in all of my comments, so I don’t intend this in a cruel manner.
      Personally, I found it’s the manner in which you write. I believe (or at least I hope) you are trying to be encouraging as a fellow Muslim, but it can come across a little as being forceful, finger-pointing and egotistical.
      There is a difference between having knowledge, and the wisdom to apply it.
      I don’t think I have much of either, but I’m hoping to improve myself too.

      Again, I appreciate the points you have made, but constantly displaying a harsh or negative face can be unnerving and discouraging too.

      I will definitely work on my many short comings, as I know I have many, and I hope you can take my feedback into account too.

      I hope we can just drop this all now, and move forward, because I really don’t want any more animosity on my site.

      If I have hurt or upset you, I do apologise as it was never my intention (as I’m sure it was not yours to do so to me either). May Allah (swt) help and forgive us all.


  6. Not aware of topic.
    Excess of everything is bad. Does one not feel empty hearted after laughter? Whether there is a reason for it or just without it. And, sometimes people – talking about society- have laughter on their face and hypocrisy in their hearts.
    How can we define it? What is method to feel nice (of course actually)? Try to answer it. It does not mean to finger point but to know different views about something.
    I often use formal language that may seem unpleasant to you. But, I am always careful and to the point. I hope, you will ignore it.

    May God bless you.

    • I have tried to remain patient, but I will ask you once more.
      You have aired your opinions, and for that I have thanked you, but you seem to keep coming back to my blog when you insisted it was done ‘accidentally’.

      No, laughter does not leave one with an empty heart if it is done in a pure manner. Are you saying that The Prophet (saw) never laughed? If anything, He (saw) encouraged the spread of smiles and cheer.

      Where have I laughed mockingly, or spoken badly about society anywhere? Nowhere.
      I ‘have’ answered these questions to myself and, as someone who always tries to refrain from mocking, backbiting, bullying or doing anything harmful to another, I take it very seriously.

      I thank you for being careful and to the point, but your persistence on pushing ‘your’ views on me is beginning to go a little far.
      You seem to have come up with your own assumptions about me, after reading a simple blog post about me wanting a martial arts training hall one day!!

      It may not seem like it to you, and I have thanked you several times for your opinions, but this is moving over the line to harassment now.
      I have tried to say this several times in a polite way, but I now find myself having to say it openly.

      I thought you agreed on the other post not to return here (or at least not to push your views on me), and as such we had closed it and left it behind us.

      I truly appreciate everyones views, opinions, critique and feedback (believe it or not, I do), but there is a fine line before it becomes forceful.

      So, for the sake of Allah (swt), I ask that you please refrain from doing it again.

      You said to me that there was much written about women “showing themselves in public” (I don’t believe I have done so in any negative way), but there is also a lot written about men harassing women too.
      Give advice, spread dawah, that’s great, but after that walk on and leave them be.

      May Allah (swt) guide us all and forgive us all.
      God bless.


  7. I’m going to cheat a little bit. Taking your switching idea I’ll undergo two “forms” for my “dojo”.
    “Dojo 1 i.e. Boxing Ring”
    -Boxing gloves
    -Punching bag
    -Open item

    “Dojo 1”
    -Wing Chun Stand
    -Wooden Sword
    -Open item

    Since I have an open item on each “slot”, I’ll be able to switch around two sets of items.


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