Fourth Themed Improv Challenge – Brown Leather Wallet

As a recap, my wonderful friend and fellow blogger – The Dreaming –  and I have decided to start a bi-weekly themed challenge!
The theme I was given this time was “Wallet”, after I’d given her the theme “Suitcase”.
It does sound like we’re both jet-setting off somewhere! She can pack and I’ll pay!

As usual I was short on time and so (not wanting to pass our deadline) I wrote this quick 30 minute write up, but I hope you all enjoy it!

Please do check out The Dreamings blog! She has some fantastic work, which I always look forward to reading!

Brown Leather Wallet can be found under the Short Stories tab:
Happy reading 🙂


“I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day. The day that made me realise what I’d become in my moment of desperation to survive, and the day that opened my eyes to the hope that still lived in humanity.
That hope came in the form of an elderly man named Graham, who held himself up with his walking stick because of his badly damaged hip.

I was a poor man, a very poor man, and in more ways than just financial.”


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