Inside Pandora’s Box – Third Themed Improv Challenge with The Dreaming

As a recap, my wonderful friend and fellow blogger – The Dreaming –  and I have decided to start a bi-weekly themed challenge! Unfortunately, my second challenge could not be uploaded here, but I did send it to her – I’m persistent!
For some bizarre reason, I was thinking about the seven deadly sins, and so  for our third theme I gave her “Envy”, and I was given “Sloth”
As usual, this is a quick 40 minute write up, but I hope you all enjoy it!
Please do check out The Dreamings blog! She has some amazing work, which never fails to put a smile on my face! 🙂

Inside Pandora’s Box can be found in the ‘Short Stories’ section, Happy reading 🙂

How’s it hangin’?

You’re probably wondering what you’re doing in here, huh. Well… I have no clue either, and even if I did, you shouldn’t ask me.
Why? Because I couldn’t be bothered telling you.
Not. One. Bit.

The name’s Acedia, but the others can’t bother pronouncing it properly so they call me Sloth. Bloody hell, they’re lazier than me.”



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