Olympus is falling

(Written as part of the WordPress Challenge: Out of Your Element by fellow blogger Opinionated Man!
Keeping a ‘long story short’ is something I don’t seem to be familiar with! What often starts off as a quest to ‘short and sweet’ often turns into a tome of unnecessary information. So, I challenge myself to keep this passing thought ‘Short and Sweet!’ )

This story has also been chosen for publication in the Great British Write Off – Immersed in Words book for the 2014 competition! What luck!

Olympus is falling

One hundred tonnes of water plunges off the edge of a magnificent waterfall and crashes to the bottom where the vapours and steam rise from the permanently disturbed pool.

A tributary meanders off into the lush green valley, where the sounds of exotic animals echo through the trees, and the dew on every leaf sparkles like stars.

The river then flows out into the vast open sea, giving a panoramic view of nothing but the water meeting the clear blue sky, and the gentle ripples travelling along the silken surface.

Suddenly, with an ear-splitting screech, a fiery meteor plummets down from the heavens and crashes violently into the water, turning the sea to a deep shade of black and setting off an angry water cyclone through its depths.

Lightning flashes. Thunder roars. Olympus itself seems to be falling from its heights.
Humungous ice balls rage down in a flurry of chaos, disintegrating on contact with the scorching sea. All the while, it feels as though the world is being turned inside out and that Armageddon is upon us.

… With the TV remote in one hand, and a good ol’ cuppa in the other, I can’t help but wonder why we Brits always have to overdramatize a simple tea advertisement and waste good air time. For goodness sake, I could be watching my favourite episode of Tom and Jerry right now.


© Naziyah Mahmood, 2014.



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