The line

“I’d rather hear a painful truth than a beautiful lie, as it is more beneficial in the long run.”

Naziyah Noor Mahmood


We’d all like to believe that everything in this world is pure, unscathed, and wholly good; as it is in human nature to strive towards that which we think to be better and a source of happiness.
I have often been called a “foolish optimist” and a “hopeful fool” by my friends, for the simple reason that I usually go beyond simply ‘wanting’ everything to be purely good, and dwell deeply in the world of ‘believing’ it.
Some may call this a strength, and others a weakness, but I have personally found that, depending on the situation, it can be both.

(Additionally, I am known for my extremely stubborn nature! Put this together with being a ‘hopeful fool’, and you can see the recipe for disaster!)

Holding strong to a hope that no matter how bad a circumstance may be, that there is still some goodness in the situation, is a strength worth protecting. In a world full of cynics and sceptics, keeping that candle of hope, faith and belief lit can bring about many advantageous changes to those around us.
Knowing that someone out there believes in the goodness within you can be enough reason for a person to overcome their own demons and succeed as a decent human being. It is only natural that every person has good and bad within them, some more of one than the other.
However, it is also important to know where that line lies – the line that defines the difference between ‘strong hope’ and ‘insanity’.
Leaving that candle lit, in order to light someone’s path, can help save a damaged soul. Yet, letting that candle burn all the way through, without paying attention, can also burn your house to the ground.

I believe that people can light the way for others towards their mental and spiritual improvement, but (and as also stated by a good friend) ‘Only God can bring them their salvation’.

Yet, regardless of what the world tells me, I cannot change that part of me that refuses to see through eyes other than ones that look for the positivity in any situation. This does not mean that I have not seen pain, grief or sadness – on the contrary, these characteristics have been the very foundations on which much of my life was built – and for that exact reason I (just as many others out there) strive to see the positive nature of life in order to bring back balance to my own world.

Balance – an essential element in life in order to find inner peace.

As such, bringing balance to our lives in the form of being hopeful, but also keeping in mind the reality of human nature, it is crucial for our own state of mind to know when to push forward and when to step away.

Being told of something painful may temporarily hurt us, however, in the long run we find that we learn from it, grow from the events and can even forgive more graciously.

When we are lied to, and especially if that lie is continued for a long while and we finally learn of the truth later, we find ourselves not only hurt, angry, and untrusting, but also lost.
Learning that the life that we had been living during that time was based on falsehood can bring about a harsh unbalance to your mind and soul, which not only crashes every hope and belief you’d had in that person or situation, but also changes your outlook on the world and others too.

Moreover, the most painful aspect of it all is when, deep down inside, we know we are being lied to but we want to believe that it is true so very badly that we play along.
This is when we cross that line.
We not only allow ourselves to live in a make-believe world, but also recreate the entire character of those involved – imagining them solely the way we wish to see them.

We temporarily accept the lie as a truth and base our life on it, however, soon enough the whole house burns down, leaving us with nothing left to protect.
What were we protecting before? Our own hearts, our own minds, and our own imagined world of happiness.

Obviously, we only tend to realise all of this once we have discovered the truth and been through the pain of feeling betrayed and deceived – so it is important that, from time to time, we look over the current events in our lives and, more importantly, listen to that little niggling voice (intuition) that has been trying to call out to us, but we have ignored for the sake of our own false-stability.


2 thoughts on “The line

  1. a somewhat uncomfortable but necessary read…
    it makes me wonder, are the things we are holding together more fragile than we imagine, or stronger than we know?

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