The Strongest Weapon

As a martial artist and weapons wielder, I have always strongly believed that a smile can be your strongest weapon.


  • In times of pain, it silently informs your enemies that you will not break, and that you will persevere.
  • It makes you feel a little better; when you know you have no strength to even move, yet you are strong enough to wear an expression which may seem so small, yet holds such power.
  • It encourages you to stay strong.
  • It also makes others happy, as a smile has a domino effect.
    When someone sees you smiling, the automatic reaction for them is to smile too, and when someone else sees their smile, then they smile, and so on!
  • It acts as a form of charity (as stated in the beautiful Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w) by giving others a gift that could help make their day a little bit better.
  • No matter how dishevelled we may look, a smile looks beautiful on everyone – yes, even you, whether you believe it or not!
  • Scientifically, it is shown that smiling releases endorphins (the happy neurotransmitters!), which in turn makes us feel more positive and cheerful!


In life, we all face painful moments and hurtful situations where it feels as though it’s impossible to smile.
It’s an unfortunate part of life, but an inevitable one.
When we allow others to take our smile away, we actually give them a piece of our soul that existed to keep us positive. The pain of people leaving us is heart-wrenching enough, but what can hurt more, as time goes on, is realising that we forget how to smile from the inside too.

“I miss your smile, but I miss mine even more.”

Polish that smile, and never let anyone or anything take it away from you. It’s easier said than done, but when others take everything we own and have, leaving us vulnerable and naked, the only thing we have left to wear is that gleaming, glowing grin =)


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