The internet can be seen to be quite like the Universe that surrounds our minuscule green and blue planet.
Just as the interstellar medium holds much of the information that has been storing up in our Universe ever since the Big Bang, the internet too can contain such vital gems which are critical to the expansion of our knowledge (in nowadays technologically run era) as human beings.
Millions of light-years away, a powerful star explodes in a phenomenal display of high-energy particles and colours – going “Supernova”. In line with this analogy, over the last few decades, the internet has exploded into its many ‘colours’ and ‘faces’, allowing us to discover more about… well… everything!
In a reverse path to the aforementioned example, this ‘explosion’ of the World Wide Web has given life, and chance, to many unnoticed stars who strive to enlighten the rest of humanity with their knowledge, wisdom, wit and, essentially, their hunger for life. Bloggers!

As such, and trying to speak as humbly as possible(!), this blog will hopefully be the start of the formation of a new, unseen, star in this ginormous network of a universe. Me!

… Hello!


11 thoughts on “Supernova

  1. Asalamualaikum sister!
    I just discovered your blog today and I fell in love with it! I love how you write. All of your blog posts have so much depth and meaning in them. I absolutely love them! Do you read a lot of books? Or have you taken writing classes? You’re writing skills are absolutely phenomenal. I can relate to a lot of your posts…especially the post about your eyesight. I know exactly what you mean when you say your vision is “smudgey”. I have very poor eyesight as well. It’s quite unfortunate but I’m grateful nonetheless. I like to keep a positive outlook in life. Even though my vision is quite blurry, I still have other senses that are quite strong. Just being able to see itself is a blessing! For there are many who cannot see at all. But that can also be a positive thing. Not being able to see the darkness and the unpleasant things this world contains, can also be a blessing.
    From what I have read about you, you seem to be a very strong person. I say forget about those who have hurt you and move on to bigger and better things in life. Those things can only be achieved if you learn to let go of your past and focus on your future. They say that constantly thinking about painful events from the past are like that of holding a glass of water. The longer you hold on to it, the more pain you will feel. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel incapable of doing anything. From what I’ve seen, you are very beautiful from the inside and out, Mash’Allah. Do not let anyone bring you down. Remember to always look at the bright side of things. Instead of focusing on the negative things about the people who have once hurt you, look at the positive things that have come from it. Remember that everyone that comes into your life, comes with a purpose. Take everything that has happened as an experience and a lesson and grow from it. These things should make you stronger than ever! And what if Allah was testing you this entire time? Or what if the reason you went through what you did, in order to get closer to Allah SWT? Subhan’Allah. Shouldn’t that be a blessing? Say Alhamdullilah sista! 
    OH AND, I used to have a blog (once upon a time)…I have NO idea what happened to it. I will start fresh on this. Honestly, your blog posts have inspired me to blog as well. Just the thought of letting everything out and getting other’s opinions on topics that mean a lot to you is such a neat thing! I will start writing soon! BTW, I’m also into martial arts. I joined a Tae Kwon Do club at our school 3 years ago. I loved training but felt very uncomfortable at the same time since I was usually one of the very few girls who would come to train amongst 20 guys. I haven’t done Tae Kwon Do in about a year now but I might just get back into it. I will start looking into an all girls martial arts club. I just loved sparring! Tae Kwon Do was the one thing that helped relieve my stress. I might just make a blog post about it tomorrow!
    Once again, stay strong sister! May Allah keep you happy and blessed all throughout your life. Let’s all strive to be the best Muslims in this dunya and indeed Allah will reward us in the hereafter. Ramadan Mubarak!

  2. Assalamu Alaikum, Saima!

    Thank you very much for stopping by my blog, and for your truly wonderful comment. It has been an honour to read it 🙂

    I’m very sorry to hear that you suffer from a visual impairment too, but as you said, there are even blessings in this =)
    I may be partially blind, but I 120% believe that whatever Allah (swt) does, He does for the best and for a reason. He has protected us from seeing things that, otherwise, could have left painful marks in our lives, and yet He allows us to see the beauty of His creation that transcends the physical realm.
    There are blessings in even the deepest of pains or losses; we just need to be ready to look for them!!
    May Allah (swt) give you shaaf’ah and return your sight to you, sweetie 🙂

    I may write about the pains and negativities we face during life, but I do like to concentrate my everyday on the beautiful blessings that we have been gifted with, and the many positive parts to this life as well.
    Rather than pondering too much over what we lose, we should appreciate what we have in the here and now! It’s kind of a motto ^-^

    I just like to take inspiration for my writing from my feelings and experiences, and of those around me, as these are emotions that many can relate to.
    Expression of those emotions is a cycle of growth and healing =)

    At the end of the day, this life is purely a trial for our akirah, and we can only try our best to ensure that our destination will be a good one by working hard to be the best people that we can.
    SubhanAllah, how truly amazing our Creator is!
    He puts love even in His lessons – the realisations that come with hurt.
    He places baraqah (blessings) in even the most desolate of hearts – turning to His guidance brings light.
    He guides us through the darkest of times with His hope – an invisible compass that points us in the right direction.

    We are so incredibly blessed.
    I look at what is happening to our poor brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan etc… and I see how deeply blessed we are to be sitting safely within our homes with our families.
    We see the pain of hunger and famine, natural disasters, civil war, drought etc that engulf millions upon millions of people on this Earth… and here we sit waiting for Iftaar, with the safe knowledge that there will be food on our tables.
    We really are blessed, and I pray that Allah (swt) relieves the suffering and pains of those truly strong people – the ones who fast and bare pain every single day.
    Ya Allah, The All Merciful, The All Knowing, Al-Wadud – please give them all relief from their pains and help them, for only You can…

    His Magnificence really brings us to tears, doesn’t it =’)

    Thank you for your beautiful compliments, it’s very sweet of you, however I am by no means a good writer (I consider myself an amateur!) Although my fields of study have centred around the sciences and engineering, I’m a huge lover of art – poetry and short story writing have just been a hobby since I was a child =)
    (Also, who doesn’t love reading a good book!? I can tell you’re a book lover too! *high five!*)

    As for the martial arts – YES!
    It’s really a passion in life, and nothing quite feels the same as coming home from a great session (except adding cakes and cookies to the equation – I’d be there in a heartbeat!)
    What I love about it is that, no matter how experienced someone becomes, we’ll always be students; even the greatest of masters remains a student in order to better himself!
    This is why I yearn knowledge, and that’s why it’s so beautiful – no matter how much we learn, there’s always more to learn!!!

    Martial arts are, indeed, dominated by male practitioners, but the rise of the female martial artist has definitely been on an incline in the last decade or so.
    I used to teach self defence, and seeing how much more confident a woman can feel with a bit of basic knowledge on self defence is phenomenal =)

    It is tricky though, as you said, as not many classes have segregated classes. Alhumdulillah, I was lucky enough to find a great teacher who taught me many arts after taking me on as his apprentice, and he also respected my physical boundaries.
    We studied mostly weapon arts, which don’t require much physical contact at all, so it was good =)
    For the arts I practised that did require physical sparring, the amount of contact was still kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, health issues means that I haven’t been able to train properly for the last few years, but I try to incorporate the arts into my everyday life ^-^
    In Sha Allah, I’ll be back to it soon!
    You should definitely start up TKD again, it’s a great art – amazing for the legs!
    There are many more women’s classes opening up now, so do keep an eye out!
    You’d be brilliant at it! WACHAAAA!!!!

    I really do hope you start your blog, I’m sure it will be amazing!
    You sound like such a fantastic person, Saima, and your writing will definitely spread smiles across many faces, just as it has on mine =)
    JazakAllah Khyr for sharing something so beautiful with me, it means so very much.
    (A smile is a beautiful gift to give!)
    I look forward to your blog, and I hope you’ll let me know once it’s up and running! I’d love to know more about you =)
    Are you a student at the moment? If I had to guess… hmmm…. somewhere in Ontario?! 😉

    May Allah (swt) bless you and your family with happiness, peace, love and prosperity in deen, duniyah and akirah. In Sha Allah!

    Ramadhan Mubarak, beautiful, and I hope you’ve had a great Jummah too =)

    Stay smilimg 😉
    Loads of love,

      • Okay yeah I think emailing you would be better lol! What’s your email? I’ll pass it on to my friend as well! I’m pretty sure she’ll love to get into contact with you! She went for umrah but I’ll let her know once she’s back. I guess I’ll just email my next reply! =)

      • Lol, no worries!!! Replying anywhere is cool!
        I have a tendency to do that too – we’ll be partners in bum crime!!! Wait… that sounded odd… lol!

        (In reply to the other comment!)
        Email is

        MashAllah, I hope your friend has a wonderful time during Umrah! It was really a life changing point for me when I performed mine too.
        I hope she reaps all the wonderful benefits of it 😀

        Hmmm… I have a feeling I know where our ‘connecting’ link lies! lol!
        You’re based in Toronto, right!?

        Hope you’re having a wonderful day, sweetie 🙂


  3. Haha I’m glad you replied with a long post! I like reading long posts…it would have been a disappointment if you had replied with a short post since I wrote a long post as well lol!

    I’m actually really glad you’re so positive about life! Always keep a smile on your smile no matter what you go through. That smile of yours can touch somebody’s heart! It’s a curve that sets everything straight, just remember that! That positivity that you keep is truly inspiring! I was reading some of your posts out loud to my younger sister and she loved your outlook on life as well! I hope I continue to see positive and inspiring posts from you. I would love to see a post about how you’ve become stronger than ever. You should write about all of the positive things that have come from the negative things that have occurred in your life. I promise you, after writing about them, you will feel so much better. After writing them, focus on those positive things on a daily basis and remind yourself how much happier you are knowing that whatever happened in your past was all just a blessing in disguise. It’s something I like to do when I’m going through a rough time. When a person hurts me for whatever reason, instead of seeking for justice or revenge, I pray for them. Prayers can truly do miracles! I also try to focus on all the positive things about that person and the happiness they brought into my life when times were rough and then I thank them (indirectly of course haha). Even though it can be painful to think about the good times with that person, it’s at least easier to forgive them that way. Continuing to think about how they mistreated you, will just increase hatred for that person in you. Better to let go of bitter memories than remember them on a daily basis and continue to be hurt. May Allah (swt) continue to ease your pain and keep you happy and positive.

    And yes we are incredibly blessed! It’s really sad how many people don’t even recognize their blessings. A lot of people these days take things for granted and realize what they have when it’s gone; when it’s too late. If they knew how blessed they were from the start, they would’ve remained content in their lives without having the need to complain. Although I sometimes am guilty of this myself, I still like to remind myself of the blessings that I have been showered upon with on a daily basis. I tend to complain a lot about small things that are so insignificant but then I feel really guilty about it once I realize my blessings. You see, I come from a very small town in Pakistan and I’ve seen a lot of poverty growing up (I’m pretty sure everyone that has been to Pakistan, have seen it). When I arrived in Canada at the age of 6, I then realized how blessed we are to be in one of the safest countries in the world. I don’t have to worry about anything! Everything is pretty much set for me whereas there are millions of people in the world who struggle on a daily basis to get a proper education, proper food and water, and proper clothing. We get things with such ease that we tend forget to thank our Creator for such blessings. May Allah forgive us for not thanking him enough for the blessings He showers upon us on a daily basis and may Allah help ease the pain of those suffering on a daily basis. I am truly saddened by what is happening in the third world countries. Let’s just continue to pray for them in hopes that things will return back to normal and the wars will end.

    You remind me a lot of my best friend who’s studying space engineering at my uni! It’s crazy how similar you guys are! Although she loves physics and science related things, she’s also a fanatic of art, poetry, short story writing, martial arts, AND ANIME! How crazy is that?!!
    And yes!!!! I cannot wait to get back into martial arts again! It will be amazing to experience that amazing feeling of letting out all of my anger and frustration in sparring haha! Meditation after TKD classes was the best part. That’s the one thing I truly miss! Meditating after a long session of training hard…the peace and tranquility it would bring, was incredible!

    Oh no! That just reminded me…I forgot to write a blog post about TKD! I was really busy today. I guess tomorrow will do lol! Something you should know about me…I’m the biggest procrastinator! I need to work on that haha! No but in sha Allah, I will post it tomorrow for sure! Gonna sleep now. Good night…or good morning if you’re waking up lol.

    Stay beautiful!
    -Saima ❤

    • Andd AHHHHH I think I made many grammatical errors as well…forgive me lol! Just read this: “Always keep a smile on your smile” …oh god…Yes…Naziyah, remember to always keep a smile on your smile. XD AHAH

      • Exactly! Learning to concentrate on the positivity’s of life is very important. There is a blessing in even the smallest of beauties in life!

        In many cases, it’s not just about the memories that hurt us from yesterday, but also the ones that are haunting us today if the situations remain unresolved.
        To be honest, I once thought the same too about very deep hurts “let go and move along’. However, later I used to find it a little awkward when folk used to quickly say “just let go and move along!” as though it was something a person can just literally walk away from in the snap of a finger! (Not saying this about you! Your words are very touching! Lol! I’ve just seen a lot of it in my own cases and that of others too!) We truly do appreciate their thought as we understand that they just wanted the best for you, however, there are some things that, when a person is left affected for long enough and deep enough by, you really do require ‘healing time’.
        Through that healing time, those positive reminders really are crucial, but so is being given the chance to release your emotions.

        You become more contemplative when you do so, and through that time of contemplation you find yourself becoming stronger and, most importantly, closer to Allah (swt).
        This is why I would never wish for any of the tough times to disappear, as the best blessing in them was that it brought me close to Him =)

        So, for that, we thank those time and those people!
        Instead, we also pray for them too!

        It is never as easy as ‘let go’ for those deep and long standing situations, but in time – time which is one of the best healers – things do become distant memories. We learn from them, we change as people from our experiences with them, and we move along.
        Of course, ‘let go and move along’ is basically a summarized version of all of that, it’s just for those that are going through those pains in the present, rather than hearing “let go and move on”, what many of them truly needed was someone to sit and listen to their stories, allow them a chance to empty their hearts out, pat them on the back as say “You are strong. You are powerful. What happened might change you as a person now, but all we can do is keep going as time waits for no one. It may hurt now, it may hurt tomorrow, but eventually you WILL be ok.” =)
        This is why I’m often careful how I approach someone who is going through a hard time. It’s fantastic to remind them of the great blessings of life – we need to, but they need some empathy too.
        Even if our intention is pure, we just need to be careful that we don’t come across as it sounding like “get over it, for goodness sake!” lol!
        Recently, I have a very good friend who has unfortunately been going through something very painful lately – a heart wrenching experience, and the gratefulness on their face after you just sit and listen, as opposed to saying “let go and move on” , is unforgettable.
        “I really just needed someone who will try to understand – but someone who will also remind me of what I still have – God.”

        Sorry, I digress! Lol!
        Basically, I believe that keeping a positive outlook is incredibly important, however, learning to empathize with others and letting them know “It’s ok… It’s ok to cry. Let it out. You’ve been strong for so long, so let it out. You NEED to let it out in order to heal” is important too =)
        Empathy followed by the positivity – a happy cure!!

        I’m very sorry to hear about what you witnessed as a child in Pakistan, it really does leave an imprint in your life when you witness suffering at such a young age. I’ve been through similar too – but I’m glad. If it wasn’t for those times, we wouldn’t be able to understand blessings and the world as we do now. ^-^
        It makes us all the more appreciative of what we have!! SubhanAllah!

        As for the procrastination *falls over!* yup, know the feeling! Lol!
        We just need to give ourselves a kick on the bum and get to it!!! Haha!

        Haha! Awwww! You’re best friend sounds like my kind of person!
        As a big sister, I’d like to wish you both the best in your studies, and of course in life too! If she ever wnats to speak to someone (crazy person!) in the space sector or who has worked in it, feel free to connect us =)
        The CSA and ESA are not too different!

        How about you, Saima? What do you study?
        I take it that you’re both at UofT if she’s in the aerospace department? (Visited a lot of those departments world wide! Lol! You eventually become an academic relic!)

        Awwwww!!! That’s so sweet! Thank you for sharing my posts with your sister – May Allah (swt) bless you both always!
        You seem like such a wonderful and inspirational person, Saima – may Allah (azza wa jal) always keep you happy =)
        I’m sure your little sis looks up to you as a role model! My big sis is about 1 whole foot shorter than me (I’m really tall >< ), but she’s still my *big* sister, and my hero! Lol!
        Love her to bits even though we don’t get to see one another often now!

        Please give your little sis a huge hug from me too! =D

        Thank you again for your beautiful and touching comment, Saima, reading it has been a pleasure and privilege 🙂

        Have you re-opened your blog? Be sure to let me know when you do!!! I look forward to your wonderful posts!
        Be sure to add plenty about all of your other hobbies and likes too!!

        That reminds me, I was supposed to add a separate section on my blog about martial arts but just never got round to it – really should at some point! lol!
        I used to write articles about martial arts for different teachers or websites, but haven't done it for a while. I'll try digging them out too!
        Thank you for the reminder 🙂

        Haha! Writing our long messages here might become a bit odd – feel free to add me on fb (Naziyah Noor Mahmood) or through email if writing here becomes a bit tedious 😉

        Have a phenomenal day, missy, and I’ll catch you soon!
        Best wishes,


        (P.S, Grammar doesn't count in the comments section, so who cares! lol!)

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